• anyone below 18 is considered a minor in the United States, but if you're JUST dating him...then yes. It's legal.
  • It depends what state you are in. Different states have different laws for how many months apart in age you can be. Most states range between 24 and 36 months in age with outside perameters. For instance, in WA, it is between the ages of 16 and 21 within 36 months.
  • Dating is fine but sex will get you jail time. Especially if shes white and and your Georgia..hell all of the south.
  • Keep this in mind: You are now considered an adult. He is a minor.
  • The state does play a factor so you should look up the law in your state. Ofcourse that is pertaining to sex, foreplay, nudity, etc. but just dateing is more like hanging out with friends and there's no law against that. Odd to hear of a female at your age dating a guy younger especially that much younger but the law will not look at you being a female any different than if the adult was the male and you where the 15 year old freshman. Plus you have look ahead and consider you'll be a senior in college before he even gets out of high school along with females maturing fast than males, there's alot of growing up he'd need to do not just now but in the future. Seems to be cruising for heartache for both of you if you persue.
  • In the UK no!
  • Yes, it is legal to date. However, it is illegal to have sex because the age of consent in nearly every state is between 16 and 18. Note: I say nearly because the youngest age of consent in America I know about is 16 (if you are not married), however, I leave open the possibility that a state has a younger age of consent. Let me know what state you are in and I will give you the answer that applies to your state. Also, just because it is legal to date does not mean the adult has to not be careful. There are many things that you can do with a minor that will constitute "contributing to the delinquincy of a minor."
  • It's legal to date, but illegal to have sex. That would be considered Statutory Rape. That's why there's that phrase, "Sixteen will get you twenty." 16 being the age, and 20 being the possible prison term.
  • I'm a senior girl dating a freshman guy. He turns 15 in March and I turn 18 in April. My grandmother explained to me that yes, it's legal to date unless sex is included. But we're both virgins and staying that way.
  • If it's not, that sucks
  • As long as there is no sex involved. If you have sex the 18 yr. old could go to keep this in mind. It is not really a cool thing to do.
  • You can date him all you like - anything beyond dating becomes an interesting court case.
  • wow, is the dating pool that shallow that you need to date a 15 y/o? Later in life the age difference won't mean anything but now yes.
  • When I was in high school there was a junior boy who dated a girl in seventh grade and their relationship continued into the next year when he was a senior and she was in eighth grade. I don't know exact ages on the two but for whatever it's worth.
  • depends on what state you are in and if the parents are okay with it, but really no one is gonna care. If the boy was 18 and you were 15 then people would go ballistic.
  • That would depend upon the laws in your state. Some states have adopted a graduated system where age disparity can become greater the older both parties are. For example, it might be ok for an 18 year old to date a 15 year old, but not a 14 year old. Then it might allow for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old, but not a 16 year old.
  • What state?
  • In Canada yes. The age of consent is 16 however there is a close-in-age exception meaning that as long as the two parties are within 5 years of each other it is okay. There is however a minimum age for sex which I think is technically 14 (please confirm or refute if you know the actual number) so that a 14 yo can not have sex with say a 9 yo.
  • Where do you live, the Middle East?
  • i dont think so

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