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  • sure everyone is the same height in bed!!
  • No, because I'm 5'3". I like 'em at least 5'10". +4
  • I ususally liked someone who was taller than me but I have dated someone shorter than me and I had no problem with it. He was attracive and I had really liked him at the time and plus he was good to me so I did not care about his height. My fiance is taller than me though and if he was my height or shorter I would still date him because he is great.
  • i dont usually find myself attracted to short or skinny men i like tall men with muscles!! but as long as they are not a lot shorter than me i guess it would be alright. But its whats on the inside that counts anyway so if a nice guy was short why not
  • ino this is shallow but no i might but not likely i would be uncomfortable b/c it would make me feel like a giant
  • I have dated somebody who was shorter than me. I am not instantly attracted to shorter men as a rule, and much prefer somebody to be much taller - I won't let something as shallow as not loving his height be a deciding factor though =)
  • They usually prefer someone with more height than them. But there are exceptions also.
  • I'm married so it's a "moot" point for me! But when I was "single" I never did! Not sure why beyond the fact it made me feel more like their "parent". Can't explain it beyond that!
  • Yes, my preference has almost always been for men my size or a little shorter. Everything seems to feel/fit better. Short men move differently than tall. IDK just what I like.
  • My s/o is the same height as me so when I wear heels I'm taller than him. It's a little awkward sometimes but I wouldn't want it any other way. I just think that if I judged him by his height when we first met, I would have missed out on being with such an amazing person.
  • Omg no way im only 5"1 so he would have to be a midget lol
  • no, well unless hes a strong short guy. and cant be toooo much shorter, well im only 5,4 so....if hes my height that'll do.
  • No. I'd feel foolish looking down at my date.
  • I did date a shorter guy when I was younger. But I've been married forever to a man who is much taller ... that's better for me anyway.
  • Id be scared of any woman taller than I am.
  • I'm no lady but if I were, I'd love to date a short guy so that I can rest my elbow on his head
  • I don't know if I would date someone shorter than me, because I'm pretty short myself. I'm 5'6 1/2" and my boyfriend is 5'7" and that's pushing it as it is because I have to buy shorter heels otherwise I feel like a beast.
  • No. That sounds terribly shallow but I'd rather look up at my date rather than look down.
  • Yes, it's cute. BTW, I am five feet. :)
  • im only 5,2 so no i wouldnt.
  • it's mean to say, but probably not.
  • yes i would - my father is short and the ladies loved dancing with him! good things come in small packages!
  • I'm not sure that I would. My husband is a little taller than me and when I wear heels he's almost shorter than me and I don't like it. I just don't wear heels very often ;)
  • If someone was amazing I don't care if they are short. I never have dated a shorter man, but it wasn't on purpose. The looks and personality can be awesome no matter what the height.
  • +5 Sure, he can stand on a milk crate and kiss me. I don't care
  • I probably wouldn't but you never know because you could fall in love with them.
  • I've always tried to live by "its whats on the inside that counts" well I had a guy who was really interested in me, he was 5'2 (i'm 5'7). I tried to give him a shot, I really did, I went to his house because he wanted to make me dinner but as soon as he pulled out the step stool to reach something in the cabinet, I knew I couldn't go any further then that night... I just couldn't!
  • you brat
  • Well, considering I don't even reach the five foot mark, that would be harder than you might think.... I've always joked that any guy I date must be taller than me. But in all honesty, if I found a guy whom I liked and one of the only "problems" was that he was shorter than me, than it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I'm pretty sure he'd have to have some sort of medical disorder to be shorter than me, but that still doesn't mean I wouldn't consider it.
  • Yes, as long as the chemistry was right
  • No, it's just to awkward.
  • I'm not a lady but I know the ladys say they won't date a short guy but I have known many short guys and I can tell you they work ten times harder and act ten times tougher to make up for that shortage of theres. If you girls want a guy with energy and tenacity go for the short dudes they'll get what you want done. Just like small dogs there more aggressive then big dogs... fact by Ceaser Milan

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