• Do *not* mess around with eyes! Forget AB and see an opthamologist ASAP!
  • I think it would be best to ask a Doctor about this one.
  • Absolutely go to an ophthalmologist! This is serious, and unfortunately things can go wrong with the eyes that are actually a much more serious problem than the eyes. It could be a symptom that is faaaar worse. Possibly vascular or neural. don't wait. go now!
  • I'd go to emergency immediately is it was me. But that is just my opinion.
  • Yes, something serious probably is wrong, and it's not something that anyone can diagnose or cure via AB. Get yourself to an eye doctor.
  • Go to the ER.. Hell fool.. You might have had a stroke.. It happens to people of all ages. Get off AB and get to the ER and quit playing around.. Dang.. there are no doctors on here and if they're giving out medical advice they aren't worth their medical degree anyway. GIT!
  • Why do you hide ur face anyways is there something wrong or are u hiding ur sister says its usually because they are hiding something BIG!!!!
  • it could be a floater that gets in the way.
  • i had 6 by 36 in my right eyes when i was 8. after that i visited an ophthalmologist he treated me by pupil dilatation mechanism.he used to keep me an black room where i had to watch a red cross in blinking 0watt bulb. it had worked for me.i have 6 by 24 now. it surely works for you. do consult an ophthalmologist because age may be matter in this exercise. all the best
  • Get help immediately. Sight is precious and nothing to be ignored and there may be something that can be done to help if done quickly.
  • Sounds like a problem with the brain - a stroke, a tumor - get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Going blind in one eye does not just happen. Good luck.
  • Could this have been caused by whiskey? Or perhaps going to bed at 2 with a 10, and waking at 10 with a 2?
  • Stay at home - do nothing and hope it gets better? Or you could use your common sense and go get it seen? x

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