• It would look like I was putting it on credit, but the "credit" card is actually a money market account, funded by my cash. I would tell the cashier "credit" because for all "signature purchases" I'd get 1.5% refunded regardless of the item. If I rang it up as "debit" I would not get the 1.5%. I use a "real" credit card once every 4 months or so for $20 or something then pay it when the bill comes in just to keep the card active if needed. I used cash today at a walmart in their self checkout lane. It actually took longer to put the change away than had I used a card. I can't remember the last time I wrote an actual paper check.
  • cash whenever possible.
  • Credit for emergencies only. Debit card works best for me.
  • credit card gives me 1-3% back on my purchases, anything over $20-30 goes on the card [which is paid off at the end of the month.]

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