• G'day Snakes and Crocks, Thank you for your question. US troops had largely left South Vietnam by 1972 under President Nixon's program of Vietnamisation. The US continued to support South Vietnam by airpower but this had collapsed due to the end of the Nixon administration in 1974. The last US troops left in South Vietnam were guarding the embassy and they left in April 1975 as part of Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation in history. There were no US troops in Vietnam in 1979. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Reference Vietnam War Vietnam War Timeline USA Vietnam War Chronology,-2nd-USA.general.html Vietnam War Timeline
  • As mentioned, the troops left in 1975. As for why, I'm sure many people have different reasons. It is a combination of factors: The gov. had no support for the war, draining funds, etc...
  • Bad PR from the Tet Offensive. It was a tactical victory for the US but it "inflicted severe damage on American civilian morale and contributed to the withdrawal of American forces from the country." Here's a link for you:
  • the united states left vietnam in 1973, and the war was ended in 1975, with the final defeat of the south vietnames army. and in 1979 there was an exodus of vietnamese by way of boat. by way of boat means unsafe raft of vessle. the exodus of vietnam was made by people who were loyale to the united states during the war and the children of the american soldiers, and chinese vietamese people. a little more than what you asked but the americans were long gone from vietnam in 1979.
  • their student visa expired
  • The last US troops left the Embassy guard in 1975. It was a pretty rushed escape or a hurried withdrawal whichever you choose to call it.
  • 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam.
  • 1975. They were backing the South Vietnam government which was losing the war.
  • It was a VERY unpopular war. People were refusing to pay taxes because of it.
  • Hmm! Lost the war!
  • There were no US troops in Viet Nam in 1979. The Saigon government collapsed in 1975 when the city of Saigon was overrun by the NVA. At that time all US military and civilian personnel were withdrawn and the embassy was closed.
  • 7-9-2017 Back in the 60s, Americans pointedly refused to pay taxes because they would not support that war. It took the politicians fifteen more years to get the point and get the troops out of there.

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