• This is your new question?
  • Fuck no.
  • Its the society we live in which has taught us to respond/express in this manner
  • Well, there are different degrees of profanity. There's blatant overuse, using one or two every sentence as a substitute for properly articulating yourself. And there's the more tasteful practice of using simply sprinkling them in for emphasis when you need it. Swear words do have a place in the English language, the trick is figuring out how to use them correctly.
  • Mostly to get people's attention. But it can be overdone.
  • It can accentuate the conversation.
  • For many, it was a way of life in the military. If it offends you, you shouldn't thank a veteran for his service - doing so is an empty gesture.
    • Linda Joy
      I disagree.
  • For many its how they grew up, for others rebellion, for silly kids they think it makes them sound tough, and like 1465 said, its considered 'normal' in some professions. Personally I think it shows a stunted vocabulary and lack of imagination/creativity. You can chew someone up and spit them out without ever using profanity.
  • Apparently, it is almost an automatic expression of emotion. However, some people use it in everyday speech, and I find it offensive. It is even worse when you hear children do it. Posh people appear to get away with it, I had a friend who used the word fcuk, but when he said it we all laughed.

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