• Not really but blond jokes are like Polish jokes just meant to be funny. Note also most of the Polish jokes were actually old Texas A&M jokes to begin with.
    • Bootsiebaby
      That's odd, because I have never even heard of "blond jokes" before. I think that is actually a good idea, having a gender-reversal of the stereotypical "blonde jokes". I can't believe I didn't think of that myself. I think I'll kick myself with my own platform boots. Lol:)
    • dickw60
      A blond was using white out on her computer screen to correct her mistakes. Then a brunet came along and tried typing over the white outs. This is just a sample, Many are too long to type out here.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Dickw60, I think you are missing the point I was trying to make in my comment. The sentence "A blond was using white out on her computer screen to correct her mistakes" is invalid because, you see, only males can be "blond", therefore it should read "A blond was using white out on his computer screen to correct his mistakes". On the other hand, if you are referring to a woman, it should read "A blonde was using white out on her computer screen to correct her mistakes". You see, only women can be "blonde". In other words, the words "blond" and "blonde" are not gender-neutral and they are not interchangeable. "Blond" with no "e" is male only, and "blonde" with an "e" is female only. They are French words, and like all French words they conform to the conventional rules of French grammar. Didn't you learn French in school?
    • we are dough
      What is skool...?
    • Murgatroyd
      A&M jokes? I thought A&M was a record company.
  • No, we are most certainly not.
    • we are dough
    • I love hot blondes
      Right on Bootsie Babe. I love blonde girls. Blondes are so hot.
  • Are brunettes really smart?
    • I love hot blondes
      You go babe! Tell it like it is.
  • The ones I know are anything but dumb.
  • Are you calling me dumb?
  • 01-02-2017 No, of course not. Only a dumb blond would believe that!
    • Bootsiebaby
      Ah, but a "dumb blond" would be male, wouldn't he?
    • we are dough
      Report him, then....
    • Rick Myres
      A blond is male a blonde is female and no they are not dumb.
  • Some are dumb, some are average and some are intelligent.
  • Nope. The stereotype comes from the porn industry. Blonde men and women were much more photogenic on the old analog cameras when photography and movies first became available. The movies were usually black and white but when colour CRT's and the internet became more prevalent then it was much easier to be "blonde" for the camera.
  • No they are not dumb.
  • Actually people who claim to be naturally blonde have a slightly higher collective IQ than other hair colors. However, I don't think that statistic applies to "artificial intelligence" through dying. Children born with flaxen hair find it naturally darkens around adolescence. So any adult with very blond hair is dying it.
  • no, theyre very snnart
  • Just the dumb ones.

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