• I have never really been fishing myself. I watched my husband a couple of times. He used to go Deep sea fishing but I get seasick in a rowing boat so could not go with him.
  • I love fishing! I caught a 3lb. small mouth bass, what a RUSH!! :D
  • 7lb largemouth out of my ol' man's farm pond. (crankbait)
  • I want to catch the "Big One" yo:):) The biggest and the best fish in the sea:):)
  • I do my fishing a little differently. I buy live fish and release them in the tiny lake. There the migratory birds feed on them. This way I keep the birds from leaving.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE fishing. Catching Northern Pike is really fun. But generally go for catching Walleye or Sauger. I don't know my most exciting catch. I like them all! +5
  • A 6 pound Walleye off a dock I was convinced didn't have any fish around it.
  • I love fishing!! I didn't catch it personally but my son caught a 31 inch northern pike....he's 8. What a poud mommy I am. I like to get sit out and get a tan, so really I catch mostly fish sticks and snag fish...which is just fine with me
  • I do enjoy fishing but have never had an exciting catch. What's really funny is my 3 yr old nephew likes to go also but he cant say "fishing" quite right, it comes as "bitching." he says he going to catch a bitch with his bitching pole! Its so funny!
  • Yes, love it. Yesterday we went bay fishing and I caught the biggest fish, a 20 inch black drum. I also caught some vermilion snapper, a 16 inch black drum, and plenty that went back into the water. I love deep sea fishing for red snapper, but the limit this year is only two so it's not worth it.
  • While fishing on the shore of a lake, I caught a big Northern Pike when I was about 12 or so. It was my first catch, so it was my most exciting catch ever.
  • I love it but went only once~!
  • Not much better in this world than fishing. Most exciting catches: um, anything I land! In seriousness, ANY muskie, walleye, pike, pickerel, carp, or bass is always good. I was pretty stoked when I caught a huge common snapping turtle and actually netted his big butt before he snapped my line lol.
  • i have a go and it was<---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->this big!!
  • Fishing in a private large pond where they fed the fish, I caught over 100 lbs of catfish -- one right after the other about a year ago.
  • I have to fish before I can know if i'll enjoy it! :( Oh well...
  • Yes, I enjoy fishing. My most exciting catch scared the crap out of me. It was very unexpected. We were fishing a tidal river and I was surprised to pull in a Huge, (ugly/scary) grouper. When the head came out of the water it freaked me out so much I dropped my rod and we had to chase it across the pier to get it back.
  • Absolutely love fishing........Most exciting catch was a 37 lb flathead caught on 8 lb test line. Took slightly over a half hour to get him close enough to the bank of the river to net him.
  • Yes, I have fished most of my life the most exciting catch was when I was 10. My dad was doing some plumbing work for a friend in a fishing camp on the Gunnison River in Colorado. I got to go with him. One morning he allowed me to use his new spinning rod and reel. Spinning rods were new then on the market! I felt really special to get to use his new rod and reel! I was using a small gold salmon egg hook and salmon egg and casting up stream and letting the current carry the egg down river. On about the third cast I had a strike and the fight was on! About 10 minutes later I landed a 3 1/2 lb rainbow trout 15 inches long! When I went to take the hook out it was hanging on by only a couple of pieces of skin in its mouth; a minute longer I would have lost him! The fishing lodge is gone now. It is under the water of the Blue Mesa Resivoir today. But that was a big day for me back in 1949!

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