• The beach? Campsites? Bible studies? an internet dating site?
  • Whenever you see a girl you're attracted to, talk to her. It doesn't gotta be at a club or a bar. Most of the women I've met in my life were at random places, grocery stores, parks, book stores, concerts, etc.
  • Try going somewhere that has something that interests you. There's nothing wrong with going somewhere alone and making friends while you're there. If you're religious you could try church functions, if you have a hobby that comes with public events (conventions, exhibitions, etc) you could try those, or you could just go hang out somewhere (public pool, zoo, museum, etc) and see who comes your way.
  • There are tons of ways to meet people outside of clubbing. Depending on what kind of girl you like, you can use your interests to find something to get involved in where you can meet people. I suggest taking a college course, maybe, or getting involved in some sort of art group. Check around your community to find what you like, and you'll find a girl with at least one similar interest.
  • is a good place to meet women. Church is a good spot as well. Good luck. Don't give up.
  • You don't meet nice girls clubbing. You can't meet people there, its for hooking up, big difference. You can't meet a person there cause its so loud and everyone is drunk. Those places are for getting laid. Do the internet dating, its great because you know that when you two talk or go out for coffee or whatever that it is because you are looking for someone to date. You don't have to ask, ummm to you like me, and get back the I'm not looking for a relationship BS response. It cuts to the chase.
  • I wish i knew as well...but what i can tell you is DONT go to internet dating sites. especially the pay ones, 99% of them are rip offs just trying to take advantage of male members. Most of those sites from match to eharmony are all sausage-fests. And if your some how lucky enough to find one of those picky bitches to message you half the time they only message you once. I used to think online dating was the solution, then i payed for it, and found out its only a business.
  • Take ballroom dancing lessons.
  • Join any club that has girls in it. Then it's like catching fish in a barrel.
  • the club is not the place to meet girls you want a relationship with. i mean im living proof that it happens but generally speaking. meet a girl at the library, or volunteering, or work, or through family. the best thing to do to meet a girl, believe it or not, is keep busy. people are always attracted to those with a lot going on in their life, who are not just thinking about meeting someone.
  • That's how you want to meet a nice girl? I don't think that's a good idea. Sure, there's nice girls who go clubbing, but how can you be sure in a setting like that? I think you need to change your priorities.
  • Again, clubs is not the place.
  • love can stike anywhere my drand p's met on a bus lol
  • If you want a nice girl; stay away from the club! You'll only find gold diggers and sluts in a club.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you like to read? For example, if you like to read go to the library or some other book store. You will find people there with an interest similar to yours. Get it?
  • Church - perfect place to "meet a nice girl'! Certainly, that's where I wentLOL! A nice place ... eg. Down at the Botanical Gardens feeding the ducks. If people are nice to animals or people they don't have to be nice to, you can be pretty sure you're on a good wicket! Girls who are nice to children and make time for them voluntarily [not paid].
  • Trust me....Clubbing is not the best place to meet anyone! What about Volunteering with a group or organization locally that does something YOU BELIEVE IN? It could be anything from environmental issues, the elderly, mentoring kids, helping with animals, anything that you feel some sort of concern, care and passion for. You'll have the chance not only to meet someone who is also of a mind to help out and create positive changes, but also to contribute to making some positive changes yourself! Someone who does this is more likely to be a person who is capable of caring for someone/something beyond their own personal needs and wants. Perhaps a less self-centered sort of person. Maybe someone with both a brain and a heart! Does this describe YOU? Does it describe the sorts of people you might enjoy meeting and hanging out with? You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain...check it out!
  • have you tried looking on answerbag? ***Attention all hot chicks who are nice, this guy would like to meet you.***
  • thats not the only way to meet someone. just go out to places where you enjoy goign and youll meet someone
  • You won't necessarily find a nice girl while clubbing. Have you tried other places such as library, any place that you receive service (at least you'll know she'll have a job), college, church, the mall (look out however, she may be able to spend with the best of them), or anywhere else where there may present an opportunity. What hobbies do you have? Do girls participate in your hobbies?

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