• Click on the film link, for details on the movie cast. +5
  • I assume that you are talking about its most notable adaptation: "The film follows a schoolgirl Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) who lives on a Kansas farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, but dreams of a better place "somewhere over the rainbow." " "Cast: Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale Ray Bolger as Hunk/The Scarecrow Jack Haley as Hickory/Tin Man Bert Lahr as Zeke/Cowardly Lion Billie Burke as Glinda the Good Witch of the North Margaret Hamilton as Miss Elmira Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel/The Doorman/The Cabby/The Guard/The Wizard of Oz Charles Grapewin as Uncle Henry Clara Blandick as Auntie Em Terry the Dog as Toto The Singer Midgets as the Munchkins Billy Bletcher as Munchkin Guard/Mayor Pat Walshe as Nikko In the film credits, all actors with dual and/or multiple roles are listed only as playing their Kansas characters, not as their Oz characters. The dog Toto is listed as having been played by Toto, not by Terry. "Nikko" (Pat Walshe's character) is the leader of the winged monkeys, although he is never called by that name in the film's dialogue." Source and further information: Further information: Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland
  • Bill Bixby, Mr Ed, and Ray Walston as the Martian.
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      And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.
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  • Judy Garland as Dorothy. Frank Morgan as the wizard of oz. Jack Haley as the tin man. Ray Bolger as the scarecrow. Bert Lahr as the cowardly lion.

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