• It helps me. It gives me enough time to scout around for new prospects when things in my marriage go sour.
  • would'nt know never been married
  • I guess it depends on what you do during the separation. If you can't stand being in each other's presence, it might give you a break. You'll either like the break or realize what you might lose.
  • Yea, the time is good if you use it right. If you can't stand to be around each other without being hurtful, then yes. But of course you can't go back unless you have made some kind of amends, etc with the situation that brought this to light. Hmmm, it's a vicious circle! I think it just lets you see if there is something better out there, sometimes there is. Sometimes, you come running back appreciating what you left. Much love and luck !
  • no it does not i was never married but my understanding tells me if you really are trying to save your marriage the best thing is be patient, communicate and show respect. you can't run and expect everything to fall back together on your return.
  • If you're trying to save a marriage, I don't see how being apart can solve anything. Marriage is about a partnership, not two people that live together. I think that staying and showing your commitment and working on what's wrong, seriously, with no arguing, is the key.
  • It doesn't do anything positive unless couples counseling is going on at the same time. That separation time is to make corrections or compromises and unless you know why and how you are still functioning with the same issues.
  • it depends, it could go either way

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