• Obviously the answer is to use a fake cigarette. Why would it be okay for him to smoke a real cigarette?
  • AFAIK, you need to be 18 to legally possess tobacco products. If he's smoking, he's in possession. Get clove cigs if you need the prop.
  • Depends which country you are filming in.
  • The issue would be if the actor is just holding the cigarette lit,or if he is actually smoking it. If he is actually smoking it you could refill a real cigarette with ground tea,and still have the smoke streaming out of the cigarette .I work behind the scenes in the Set Dec department.
  • Ask him what he wants, but I would personally recommend a fake.
  • If you are in the United States, and you give him a cigarette (lit or not, as a prop or other), you are contributing to the delinquency of a minor and you are breaking one or more laws. If he actually smokes it, he is breaking a law (in the US). That, and if he does smoke it, and you provide it, you are providing a known cancer causing agent to him (no longer just a legal issue, but an ethical issue now). Use the fakes.

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