• They deliberately passed down their failures and garbage to President Obama.. What a sorry bunch!
  • Because, as in many cases in politics, you only get cursed even if you are doing the right thing. There will always be two sides, otherwise it wouldn't be politics. The side you favour will give you small thanks, because you were only doing what was "obviously" right; the side you have harmed will curse you up and down. There is little credit for pulling the plug on GM and much hate. The losers know who they are, and resent it; the winners barely know it.
  • Of course Dick Cheney doesn't tell us that George Walker Bush also passed the buck on the whole economic collapse. Already in 2004 the IMF and World Bank warned the Bush administration that their reckless economic policies would generate a major collapse. The best Bush/Cheney managed was to promise that the US would submit itself to IMF/World Bank inspections, AFTER Bush left office.
  • Cheney is just playing the little boy with his finger in the dike...Trying to stop the leak...Too late dick.!! .that is the republican way.They start wars,raise taxes,screw up everything in sight and when voted out of office set back,complain,obstruct,and generally whine about everything they can..real or imaginary. If the dems have to raise taxes to balance things and clean up the mess that the repubs leave then its ...see we told you so,tax and spend dems...It is a cycle that they keep into play because without ideas or solutions it is the best they can do. The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama's gonna spend all 8 years of his presidency shoveling the BUSHSH*T.. left behind..
  • Well, considering he did next to nothing for 8 years, Anyway, it looks like be pushed a lot more that GM on Obama. Bush passed the whole economic crisis on to the Obama administration. During the very end they just sat there as the economy got worse. He didn't make any attempts to improve the economy as a lame duck president.
  • these people would eventually eat each other alive. I'm just wondering how long dubya can keep his mouth shut. Probably not long with Darth Cheney saying stuff like this I still don't get why the government has anything to do with a private car company. Or any company for that matter.
  • Cheney is absolutely right on this one. George W. Bush didn't want the last thing that happened as he left office to be that he refused to help the auto companies and therefore made them go into bankruptcy. Obama sure inherited a lot of "bucks

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