• If your talkin' marriage "partner", I wouldn't care, keithold. ;-)
    • Chicagoan
      I agree, p-s. It wouldn't matter - because that isn't a criminal offense. Now, if it was a candidate that buys hookers, evades paying his taxes, illegally dodged the military, admitted (ON TAPE) that he sexually assaults women - that would matter to me. However, it doesn't seem to matter to other republicans, since they are OK with candidates who are criminals and White Supremacists.
    • Army Veteran
      Yeah - Obama was a Communist and Hillary was a Marxist. Biden is a Zionist who is being manipulated like a puppet. You sure know how to pick 'em, don't you?
  • i think the difference between the cheating politician vs the non cheating politician , is the cheating politician was caught. so yea i would because it doesnt mean the other candidate is an angel.
  • What they do in their PRIVATE life is NO business of mine or anyone elses ... As long as they do a GOOD Job of the Office that they are running for or elected to ; I will cast my vote for them ..
    • avatar
      false.....cheaters are can ya trust a liar
  • You mean like Bill Clinton? LOL. Of course, John Kennedy did, too, so I guess I might have.
    • OrangeDonRump
      It's almost a Death Sentence for a DEM president. But when a GOP President (like me) buys whores while I'm married, it's OK. In fact, people should worship me for it - and they did for the last 4 years!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Melania also had a clause in her prenup that said if the ever gained more than 10 pounds she would get nothing in the divorce.
  • There's other things I'd want to take into consideration; however, it's negative right out of the gate!!
  • It depends on how the partner sees the cheating. Maybe he's laughing with her at the bimbo he's cheating with. If the cheating is just sex, who cares?
  • Yeah! I'm really NOT concerned with their "fidelity" issues! Just what they do with their campaign promises!
  • I'm confused. Is there one out there that doesn't?
  • I might because I don't want to judge people other than their qualifications. But, politicians who cheat won't have any chance of winning. The citizens want their public officers above board, which is really almost impossible. The political history is littered with politicians who lost because they cheated. Edwards, Gary Cole, Condit for example. Billy Clinton was one of the few who dodged the bullet.
  • As much as I am against cheating, I think even politicians private lives should remain private. What he does in his private life has nothing to do with how I would vote.
  • No, goes to show he lacks a moral compass
  • Yes, what he does in his or her own bedroom or oval office is their business, I prefer not to know about their sex life.
  • No, because unfortunately, cheaters do not stop with their partners. It becomes a choice in other areas of their life too.
  • i personally would not, because it shows that they are willing to compromise promises they made
  • I feel pretty darn sure we all have and why "his" - are you sexist?
  • why is it always poised as a 'HIM" instead of a "HER" and the answer is yes as biology and politics are 2 different things and the confusion is that people just don't understand this and the biggest confusion is the religous / politicals that constantly try and control both as if they were the same thing ... ~Nemo~
  • That's why I had a hard time voting for Obama. He's never been caught cheating. Either he's too sneaky or too loyal. Don't you just hate people that are better than you?
    • Chicagoan
      Well, OK a lot of right-wing Christians refused to vote for him just because he's black...
    • Army Veteran
      Those who didn't vote for him didn't do so because he was black - it was because he campaigned on the fact that he was the first black to run for President. He played the race card in his campaign and throughout his term in office. A large number of people voted for him just for this reason - they "thought it was time" to have a black President. They did the same with Hillary as she poised herself to be the first woman President. But after 8 years of Obama, a lot more people woke up and refused to play the gender card.
  • No. If he couldnt be trusted to remain faithful to his own partner, i would doubt his ability to be honest in anything else.
  • I don't think I would vote for him. If his own spouse doesn't trust him, why should any voter?
  • No, I wouldn't, if she/he cheated on their commitment to their lifelong partner, seems it would be easy for them to deceive the public.
  • If i was aware of it, no i wouldn't. If a person can't maintain respect and honesty for themself and their partner, i would doubt their ability to do so for anyone else.
  • If he or she cheated -- yes. If the partner knew about it because they had an open relationship - no.
  • The days in which voting or not voting for someone mattered are long gone. These days, it's pretty much decided who will win before the election even takes place
  • I'm not the sex police and politicians sexual foibles are none of my concern. People think that only people who are totally married and above reproach can be functional public officials. Nonsence! I am a good, kind, decent person. You would want me as the mayor of your small town. I would be an excellent leader, and I would step up in a crises. But 20 years ago, you might have slept with me. So what?!
  • That would have no bearing on the way I would vote.
  • I do it every election. is there a choice?
  • Yes, as long as it didn't effect his job.
  • No, I would not. However generally such information is seldom made public. It is not easy to get politician with integrity and with high moral value but we always endeavor.
  • No. It would be a fast way to get rid of politicians.
  • Yes. It is none of my business what he/she does their spare time. If it doesn't affect their job, it has nothing to do with me.
  • Yes. Most married people cheat sometime during a marriage & we'd eliminate alot of good people. I would think twice about someone who lies under oath or obstructs justice though.
  • ...depends on whether he/she was IN FAVOR OF legalizing marijuana!!!!
  • No, I wouldn't. I feel that if you can cheat on someone to whom you swore faithfulness, nothing is stopping you from cheating on the American people whom you swear to serve.
  • Absolutely not. I would never vote for a politician.
  • I'd look for a more stable candidate. if they'd cheat on their partner, someone they know, they would have no compunction selling out their constituency to some lobbyist group, at some point.
  • I would be hesitant. But, if his opposition is outright communist my decision is still pretty easy to make.
  • If we did that, we'd have no politicians left! lol😈😉😊
  • no i would NOT....cheaters are liars you cant trust a liar
  • PS......... no i would NOT....cheaters are liars you cant trust a liar ..if they can be so untrusting liars to loved ones and Family , just imagine how they'd lie to the public
  • I wonder if I have ever voted for one that did not!
  • A cheater is a liar and I would never vote for a liar.
  • We already do. If they told us they wouldn't get elected but every president except Nixon, Truman and Buchannan has had a mistress.
  • that the aussie guy??? way ..if he cheats on a partner,it means he is a dishonest how can you trust a LIAR! to work as a politician....... { crikey this site should not let you comment if you have already commented } lol
  • It doesn't bother Hillary does it. maybe thats she wasn't voted in or was it because she is a psychopath? There is something wrong with the USA . How can anyone respect that demented old fool in the white house?
  • PPPS......... silly site,it allowed me to comment 4 times here { dont see why i should scroll down to see if i commented already ..i naturally think its another user asked the question again..........nope never! means he is a liar and not to be trusted. If he cant be honest to his family he is supposed to love , why would he be honest to strangers
  • The assumption is being made here that "partner" means a marriage partner or the equivalent in a domestic setting. "Partner" could also mean a business relationship. But it makes no difference, really, since cheating on someone shows a lack of integrity. No one is perfect, as the Left is so quick to point out about Trump, but ignoring the train wreck that Biden has created is even worse. He continues to drive the train into a chasm and he is still regarded as a hero by the brain-dead. There was corruption in Washington long before Trump came along. He vowed to clean it up, but they tried stopping him every inch of the way, going to extreme lengths that involved scandals and impeachment. What he might have said or done years ago, should have no bearing on who he is now - we all have a history. "If a man's mistakes determine what he was, then what he does about those mistakes should determine what he is."
  • No and I didn't vote for Trump.

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