• wow that 1st grade teacher is very bad,if he/she is doing that why did he/she become a teacher?i think it`s appauling
  • Where's the link to the news story?
  • All I can tell you is they wouldn't be doing that to my child.
  • Could kill a kid with a stuffed-up nose. Unacceptable.
  • they only do it for the money. I would ever so nicely so her how much I cared for her method of teaching..
  • I think you meant "duct tape". There were various rolls of duct tape in different colors. It was used for class projects and the kids loved playing with it. At the end of class the teacher gave each student a 2" x 2" square of it to play with however they wished. Some kids wrapped it around their fingers. Other kids put it over their mouths because they thought it was funny. The kids were allowed to take the duct tape home with them. Some parents saw their kids with duct tape over their mouths and jumped to the wrong conclusion, just as you did.
  • . Is this the teacher you were referring to? If so, then I think a bit more digging needs to be done in order to get to the truth. If the teacher is telling the truth, then I think it is a shame that people are overreacting this way.
  • Here's a link to a forum with the article. I'm on the teachers side. And... duct tape over their mouths? Even if that was what happened... that's barely anything compared to what they used to do. So, I don't get the "now-a-days" part to your question?
  • Now back in the 1940s there wasn't duck tape or duct tape, but my 1st grade teacher used tape on our mouths when we talked too much. I was talking all the time and got the tape treatment several never hurt me physically or mentally and actually I thought it was funny. I still laugh about it today.
  • You ask what is wrong with teachers (plural). You're just talking about one teacher here though. What is wrong with people like you who do THAT? That's what I want to know.
  • Sounds like the teacher got railroaded by some power crazed principal-bitch yo...
  • they used to just hit children with a cane to shut them up
  • Good question. That teacher should probably teach the kids how to spell duct tape, instead of using it on them.

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