• I just make enough to get by. I see a lot of people who are making less than that, are living in worst conditions and can barely get by, so I feel I am doing OK.
  • I want to carve out a life where money isn't even necessary to get by.
  • I don't make enough money at all. I can just pay my bills each month, and I only need $150/month, and I hardly ever have more than that.
  • hmmm... better ask me next month after I have to buy a new car and have 2 car payments!! AUGH!
  • I am living comfortably now, I couldn't say that a few years ago.
  • Luckily I make enough to live comfortably
  • As long as I have enough for tequila, and perhaps food now and then, I'll be happy
  • We are very comfortable, and hope to remain that way, barring severe illness, the US economy going to Hell, or other things beyond our control. I never wanted to be anything but happy in my profession and with a marriage and social life and comfortable financially. I am lucky to have all of that so far after years of hard work in all areas.
  • I can never make enough money to live comfortably. I have gone from 250/week to 3000 a week. And it never seems like enough. I think that whenever you make more money, you spend more money. There will NEVER be enough money for me to live comfortably.
  • I make enough to live comfortably and I manage my money well. Both are key to remaining comfortable. People can make more than enough money and still just scrape by because they do not manage their money well.
  • Comfortably.
  • I am putting to much into my retirement accounts, so there isn't a lot left over for fun (after bills)
  • I'm a professional making $60K/yr with a used car and reasonable rent. I don't have a credit card payment, and I am BARELY making ends meet with two kids to raise. There isn't steaks at our house, and there is NO savings's scary, but true.
  • I make enough to get by.
  • We make enough money to get by. But being a felon makes it tough to find a REALLY good job.. so I'm still serving a life sentence because of my past.

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