• I only hate smokers under the age of 18, because 18 is the legal age.
  • Yes, if only they'd all get wiped out in a kind of genocide. I could sleep easy.
  • Nope...I are one!
  • I don't. When I was young I used to go out drinking with my buddies. They were all smokers. I just got used to the smoke. I understand now that wasn't healthy.
  • You might not like smoking or smokers, but hating? That's going a bit far!
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      I agree. Nobody hated us in 1966 when the surgeon general declared it a health hazard. Nobody was health conscious back then. Why now?
  • I don't hate smokers, but I do abhor their habit of smoking. It permiates their breath, hair, clothes, and skin and they reek when they walk into a room, and that's just the smoke around them. The secondhand smoke smells bad, causes cancer, makes my clothes and hair stink and makes everything it touches turn dingy, yellow, and murky.
  • I'v got sensitive nose- dust, pollen even strong perfume can make me throw up or get a nose bleed- so smoke is also an irritant I try not to go near such places or people.
  • That would be selp depricating. I would love not to be a smoker though.
  • No. Because hating someone simply for being unlike me is for stupid people.
  • no, i just dislike the smell
  • I don't hate them and am in fact very tight with someone who smokes. Trying to get her to quit. I don't like it because it is terrible for your health and it also ruins your house and car. My dad smoked three and a half packs a day. While it didn't kill him, he still smelled like crap.
  • I dont hate anyone, I dont hate smokers, I loathe what they do to themselves.............:)
  • No, I neither hate smokers nor the addicts to drugs. We should help them instead of hating them. They require our attention so that they may get out of this curse.
  • I do especially their attitude around non-smokers. by the way I was a smoker myself for 15 years and had that attitude
  • i wouldnt say hate but i find smokers to be self centered, inconsiderate, obnoxious, and annoying. i work with a lot of smokers. for some reason they(and our smoking managers) feel that they deserve extra breaks very often through out the day for no other reason then "they need a smoke". basically leaving us none smokers to pull the weight for them. i live in a city that prevents people from smoking indoors. the smokers constantly bitch and moan how its not "fair" if they wanna smoke they have to go outside, and the laws are bullshit. funny, they never before once took into consideration that its not "fair" to us non smokers that we dont want to breath it in, smell it, and suffer the side effects of it. it makes me sick when i see people smoking in the car with their kids in the car.
  • Hate smokers? how bizarre. I may hate smoking. I may hate the mess smokers seem to leave behind. No. they DO leave behind. I may hate the damage smoking does to the human body. And beagles. but hating the people is counter-productive. They might hate you too and then where would we be?
  • Not at all. I have no issues with smokers. If anything I think they are being railroaded. By the way, I'm a nonsmoker.
  • I don't hate "smokers", I just hate being around the smoke.
  • Not the smokers--they're addicted. I hate the smoke.
  • I dont see a reason to hate them! i think smoking bring so many people just a little bit of joy.. and Non-Smokers are trying relentlessly to take that away from them - Imposing their will on people and trying to make them feel bad for doing something they enjoy. I see no sense in this kind of 'criminalization' of a substance that literally funded the growth and development of America. But then again, you did that with hemp too.
  • I do not hate smokers but I hate their smoking habit. I have only two reasons for that: (1) We who are non-smokers become passive smokers because of their habit. (2) In my country the smokers are generally very careless with their cigarette butts.
  • No I don't hate smokers, as long as they smoke outside.
  • No, I don't hate smokers. I'm an ex-smoker myself. I have lots of friends who smoke. I just hate the smoke itself. Most smokers I know are polite enough not to smoke where they aren't supposed to, and they don't smoke in my car or house. There are those few who don't care about non-smokers or no smoking signs and smoke wherever/whenver they please that I find rude...but they are a minority.
  • Smokers are addicted people too
  • I hate smoking but not necessarily the smoker
  • I don't hate anyone. There are no smokers among my family or friends. So we can breathe clean air and we don't smell of stale tobacco. As for smokers in general, I don't understand them at all. I tried smoking once..I was ten..I snuck a cigarette, lit it, inhaled and swallowed the hot air. It burned my throat and I almost threw up. Why anyone would keep doing something so nasty I have no idea. :)
  • I don't hate smokers. Like many stereotypes, it is unrealistic and inaccurate. My favorite grandmother in the whole world smokes. So does one of my best friends. I don't like the habit, because I know it's slowly killing them, but I don't hate somebody just because they smoke. It does irritate me when they smoke in places that clearly state that they shouldn't be doing that, because I don't really like second-hand smoke.
  • No. I am one. I *DO* hate the rabid anti-smokers who feel so self-important and whine and bitch about stuff that has been scientifically disproven or (more often) exaggerated to the point of utter falsehood just to feel smugly superior. Most of the time I am a considerate smoker. I don't smoke around children or in enclosed areas with people who do not like smoke; I will take it outside. However, THOSE fuckwads will get a double-lungful of American Spirit in the face if they give me too much lip.
  • Hatred, harsh. Disgust, reasonable. Dislike, fair.
  • I feel bad for them.
  • I don't hate smokers, but I sure hate the smell of cigarette smoke (and marijuana smoke, BTW), and I sure hate finding butts on the floor and burn marks on my stuff (done illegally, by people smoking illegally at work).
  • I don't hate. I didn't even allow my son and grandson to use the word.
  • I don't hate them. I feel sorry for them.
  • I smoked for over 40 years and heard all of the "I can't quit" excuses. Anyone can quit - they just need a strong enough reason to quit. Their own health doesn't seem to be a good enough reason. I guess that's because everyone has the "it always happens to someone else but not me" mindset. People are invincible when the threat is against them. I never felt that way - I enjoyed smoking - period. I learned how easy it is to quit when I was diagnosed with emphysema, and I learned one thing - anyone who thinks it will never happen to them is lying to themself. Since I quit smoking about 10 years ago, I have become very sensitive to cigarette smoke. I don't allow smoking in my car, but I don't "hate" (a better word could have been chosen) people who do. If they want to kill themselves, no one is going to stop them. If they're of legal age, and paying an unfair tax on an adult pastime, they have my blessing. Just don't do it around me.
  • Yes it is. I remember when all my friends smoked. Most still smoke pot. lol The problem was that when cigarettes got raised from $1 a pack to $5 a pack people started using cheaper, smellier tobacco. That is also when all the anti-smoking crusaders came online. People have known the health risks of cigarettes since 1966 and everybody ignored them. But then the government started taxing them 500% - then things got nasty. The whole thing wasn't about health, it was fueled by money. It was a way of using health to justify a money-grab. >>>>BTW do you remember when politicians justified the higher tax by saying it would pay for anti smoking ads? Did anyone else see more anti-smoking ads? No. Where did the money go? Nobody knows.😋 Did the deficit go down? Nope! Did your taxes go down? Are you kidding? lol
  • Hate is a strong reaction to a minor problem!!! I feel that EVERYBODY has the right to smoke IF they so choose. On the other side, I have the right to choose to not hang with them. So, I've made my home a SMOKE FREE zone. You want to visit, leave the cigs in the car. Every Friday night, me & my smokeless friends have a meal catered in & we get together to enjoy a meal free of cigarettes. It's also a LOT quieter than going to a noisy restaurant!!!
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      That's right. It was a strong reaction to a minor problem. They are evening banning smoking in your car and public parks. How can they justify that? its asinine. They didn't care about justice or logic. Being outside dilutes cigarette smoke. It was about sadism.
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  • Yes, since if someone is smoking near me I start coughing because of my asthma
  • It’s not the person I dislike. It’s what they are holding that I despise because of what it does to their body such as cancer and I can’t stand that disgusting smell it creates. I can respect the person and I’m not in a position to tell them what to do but they are destroying themselves. All I can say to them is to give up the smoking if they want a longer life and to feel better.
  • No, but I hate the smoke that gets trapped indoors. Which is why smoking in my household is done outdoors.
  • That's just like asking do you hate fat people
  • Of course I don't. I'm a smoker myself.
  • I don't hate, but they can be ignorant about how smoke affects themselves, and others, and so cross your boundaries. Fact is, if they really were aware, that they are at least putting themselves closer to the odds of having smoking related illnesses, such as COPD, where they'd exist on oxygen cannisters and masks, breathless just walking to the toilet, and then of course of cancer, then they would give it up in an instant, but because addiction convinces them, no i'm alright, great uncle whatshisface lived to 90 and he was alright, or live fast die young, or I'm enjoying it now, what does it matter, then they not only continue on, but also do not care how it one affects others with the second hand smoke, but also when they end up dependent on the very people for help, later on down the line, when they can't breath or are dying of lung cancer.

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