• At the time, I would open a window to let the fresh air in, but then I would politely ask about the shoes they are wearing, where they got them, etc., making it seem innocent enough. Then mention that the last time you got shoes, you were told about the comfort of Dr. Schoales(sp) insoles and was thinking about trying them. Then ask them what they think. Once they gave their opinion, mentioned that they also make odor absorbing ones and was thinking of getting some for your s/o because when he takes off his shoes, they usually stink to high heaven. At that point, I would leave it at that as usually most people would take the hint and do something about the smell themselves and since you didn't mention their feet directly, they won't take offense and would appreciate your tact after the fact.
  • Tell them they never have to remove their shoes in your house again.
  • Unless you're Japanese, don't require them to take their shoes off. A good swipe at the welcome mat should do. You can stop them from taking off shoes at the door. But if you are too late, at least you'll get rid of the spiders and flies in the house. Just make sure you open the door. You should see them scurrying out.
  • Say "Dude, have you been out turd stomping? Put those puppies away!"
  • Nothing. Be polite and just suck up the shit sandwich he's offered to feed you.
  • Be very polite and sneeze and excuse yourself, grab a Vick's nasal tube and inhale deeply, problem solved lol
  • All 'polite protocol' is null! Throw a bucket of water at 'em! Sheeesh! ;-)
  • Oh, I love this question. If it's a female, don't say anything just try to breathe through it, so to speak. If it's a man, I'd say something. Men don't seem to be all that hurt by stinky smells. They seem more humored by hearing things like that.
  • Vomit.
  • Serve lemonade in the garden.
  • Hey have you seen my new garden, quick put your shoes on and I'll show you. In the future ther's no need to take them off, we're informal around here.
  • I would get slippers for them :) Ones with baking soda or something. Slippers...
  • Just ignore it, I suppose.
  • Ew! You gotta politely ask him/her to out back on his/her shoes >.<
  • I would remark about her feet, and take them outside and spray their feet with the garden hose. then i would give them a bucket of soapy water and a wash rag to get their feet together. i would supervise.
  • Offer to show them something outside so they have to put their shoes back on. Then when we come in, tell them before they take them off, "oh, don't worry about that, you can wear your shoes in here".
  • Bring a bottle of household anti-bacterial lotion like 'Dettol' and suggest the neighbor rubs in the lotion into his feet. Tell it is great for the skin and foot-aches. If handled politely with tact you will be a clear winner over the situation .
  • why be polite about it ... just take some air freshener and put it on their feet ... lol or maybe you should fart and see which one smells better ... maybe they'll leave.
  • Did that seriously happen to you Nunya? You poor thing! How long did he/she stay? I probably would have worn put on one of those cloth masks and say "dat you hab a bad dold and best they don't stay too long else they may catch it too" Made I larf!!
  • Brother in law did that. Athlete foot spray. I sprayed his shoes and his feet, for him.
  • Being direct is probably the only way and most polite way to solve it. If you are direct you can say it in such a way it sounds like a joke if you are witty enough. If you are acting as if its a big thing to break the news to him you are making more of an issue of it. Just tell him he can get things to put in his shoes to take away the smell and say (I know its a lie) that you used to have that problem and your feet used to stink and you found it worked and he should give it a try and laugh and say you hate saying it but he can count on your honesty and that you are direct sometimes. Make sure to smile and act as if it doesnt bother you much and once you have mentioned it change the subject. He might get shy so make sure if he doesnt call again to ask him over some time.
  • get a can of lysol and spray their feet put some baking soda in their shoes and tell them to change shoes every day it might help thier love life!
  • I have found yo can just about anything to anybody if you just say something like: "Hey I really don't want to sound like a jerk and don't mean for this to be offensive.......but your feet smell pretty terrible". Most people will simply correct the situation. If they are offended, no great loss.
  • I don't have neighbors with bad manners. If I did, I'd be frank, and tell the neighbor to put his/her shoes back on because you are stinking up my place.

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