• If I was that guys mother, I would beat his ass. That is disgusting, he he a hundred times stronger than her, he could have simply hancuffed her. He should be Sued, we had a young guy killed here from being tasered, he was arguing with his sister at a gas station.
  • While some officers would have let her go and chose to put such effort into someone else.. I support this officer. I am failing to understand what is reprehensible? Being 72 years old does not make you exempt from the law much less make you exempt from following the orders of a LE officer. He gave her many warnings and she continued to disobey and try and manipulate the officer by using her age. I think he warned her far more than some other officers would have. All she had to do was what she was told.. not fly the F word at him. Good job granny! It is basic common knowledge that you do as an officer directs. He may be in the wrong, you may not have been speeding or whatever but fight that in court. When he has you pulled over and gives you instructions, follow them or you are breaking the law. No matter how old you are. Here in Florida you see a bunch of q-tips (elderly) pulling out in front of you all the while flying the middle finger salute for your honk of aggravation. Some of the meanest people can be our elderly when fired up and not getting their way. They are not exempt from the law any more than a 20 year old.
  • I don't know much on tasering in the police force I believe it was this week a person died after being tasered. Investigations are now being carried out. On your topic I don't think s 72yr old is threatening unless they had a weapon in their hand. If she didn't she must have been terrified afterwards.
  • Ive never seen anything so disgusting, there was no need for that. why do police officers believe they have the right to do anything they please and have the authority to do what they like.she wasn't even being abusive or violent he could of easily of handled that situation differently.
  • He was following procedure (at least iti looked like it to me). People need to take responsibility for their actions. what if you keep the same audio and put a big 35 year old man in the lady's place. Should it have been treated the same. Why should anyone have to struggle with another to get then to comply? "Lady I am a police officer and you need to do this or this will happen." It doesn't get anymore straight forward then that. Oh yeah did we also forget why she was pulled over? And how about the fact that she totally lied to the news about her behavior. She is a real piece of crap.
  • Don't let age and gender influence your sympathies. She was resisting arrest and acting obstreperous. You can't cuff a perp that's flailing around.
  • I believe that some police officers haven't been properly trained. Some of them aren't grounded enough or calm enough or able to think through a situation while they are in it, so they resort to varying degrees of violence. I don't know what is involved in that training, or what kinds of psychological tests they are subjected to, but clearly something is not being done that should be done. Tasering an old person is ridiculous. It makes the police seem like fraidy cats and knee-jerk reactionists. Did the woman point a loaded gun at them?
  • Well, this is the kind of thing that goes unnoticed in a police state. We can't expect any less from our rulers. Still, you have the idiots blowing millions pursuing causes like Obama's birth certficate or gay marriage. This, folks without balls and less brains is the kind of thing you (we) should all be fighting! One day, soon, it will be too late to do anything about it
  • Taser International recommends not using the weapon on people who are physically infirm or elderly. Here is their legal warning and disclaimer directly from their website - please note that all human medical studies are done on healthy young volunteers and not elderly people with heart conditions: Dysrhythmias. Some animal studies have demonstrated that a TASER device application may result in cardiac capture and dysrhythmias, but this has not been shown in human studies. However, because the animal study versus human study discrepancy may be related to weight rather than anatomical differences, low body weight subjects may be at increased risk for a cardiac dysrhythmia. Pregnant women, infirm, children, or elderly may have a greater risk from all physical capture, control, or restraint tools or techniques. Because the Device has not been specifically tested on these populations, the Device should not be used on these populations unless the situation justifies the possible higher risk justifies it. I do not believe the woman was in danger of hurting herself or the officer, as he had already pushed her away from traffic. Rather, I believe that the officer was afraid of man-handling the woman and perhaps causing bruising, and angered by her dare, so he resorted to the easy way to subdue her. But a Taser is supposed to be used in lieu of deadly force, i.e. shooting her with a bullet, not as a way to avoid forcibly handcuffing an old woman. On the basis of the prescribed use by the manufacturer I believe this use of the Taser was wrong.
  • Folks, this constable was correct. His camera tells the whole story. This was not a 72 year old "normal" great-grandmother. she was really young for her age. She first refused to sign the citation. in most jurisdictions, thats a trip to jail. Second, the constable was attempting to keep her of the way of traffic on the road as she attempted to get into her vehicle and leave. she violated the law of resisting arrest at this point. Third, the constable warns her repeatedly that she was resisting and would be tased. he followed procedure. the violator had already pulled her arms away from the constable, indicating a resist and physically subdueing this violator could be a traffic hazard and injury to herself. The use of the taser was an appropriate effect for the arrest. First, you use voice commands, second, you use physical contact(hands and arms) to effect the arrest, third, use of the taser, fourth, pepper spray, fifth, firearm. The violator created her own destiny and the tape backs this up. the constable followed procedure and used them to make this arrest.
  • I also believe that the police officer had the right to use the taser. The woman was refusing arrest and was being very stubborn. It could of happened to anyone else and it wouldn't have been a big deal. People get tasered all the time!!! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!
  • I think everyone should be tasered. Tasers built into the seats in waiting rooms, Tasers for school discipline, Tasering could replace hand-shaking as a corporate greeting. Ok, I'm not completely serious, but the point is, if you have a new toy on your belt, you're going to want to try it out now and then. There needs to be a disincentive to the use of a taser for anyone who uses one; For instance if a 3 automatic day unpaid suspension were applied for each time it is used, Police would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary. Use only when absolutely necessary?... what a concept.
  • She pushed the issue until it happened. I don't see a problem. Doesn't she want to be treated equally under the law? It would be interesting to see her driving record and his record of complaints, though.
  • As the police state increases it allowable limits;you ain't seen nothing yet. Stay inside ! You may be safe
  • The officer did what he had to given the situation. He gave her numerous warnings and chances, but she was too hard headed to realize she was in the wrong. She even asked for it, he just gave her what she wanted. To be honest I thought he showed a fair amount of patience with her.
  • People are so use to seeing Cops on television and were expecting the constable to slam her on the ground and handcuff her. This is real life. its a new day in law enforcement with the taser. Use of the taser is an effective way of making an arrest, without creating physical harm to the arrestee or the officer. The taser saves physical harm as well as liability lawsuits. Again, the constable followed procedure.
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  • Thats funny you asked this Question since Id asked it first.
  • Not knowing the facts of the case, I can only guess. Look at department policy and see what it says. And you have no idea what a 72 year old is capable of. Man or woman. Once you have some law enforcement experience and see what 13 year olds and 72 years olds can do, then you might be in a better position to maybe understand what happened.
  • Without knowing the totality of circumstances, I can't say it's wrong. You also have to look at departmental policy related to use of force rules. And experience can tell you that many times physically fighting with someone does more harm than a electric shock.
  • i think he was too lazy like you said

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