• It could be too much water, you might be drowning it, or it may be that it is getting too much sun. You should try and give it water every other day to see if that is the problem, if it is, it should be healthy again in a couple of days. Make sure your plant isn't in the direct heat of the sunlight too. It may be drying out. Place it somewhere where it can be shaded but still get atleast a good hour of sunlight. Hope it helps!
  • are you using a mulch to keep the moisture in the soil? Also, are they getting a lot of sun?
  • They like warm feet. Where I am it has been cool. My peppers and tomatoes aren't doing that great. Both like warm feet. Place some black landscapers weed control mesh around them. It helps warm the soil and has the added benefit of keeping weeds from growing where you place it.
  • 1. Let the plants dry out a little, you may be over-watering which can drown roots. 2. Check the leaves for insects, rings, or trails. Turn them over too. 3. Check the stem, near the soil. Southern Blight is a fungus [During warm, rainy weather, the fungus attacks the stem of the pepper plant near the ground line and eventually girdles it. The diseased plant droops, the leaves wilt, and the plant finally dies. When an infected plant is pulled up, you can usually see a white mat of the fungus on the stem. In this mat there usually are embedded numerous small, light-brown bodies about the size of a cabbage seed. These bodies, known as sclerotia, are distinguishing characteristics of the disease.] 4. Could also be Bacterial Wilt OR Fusarium Wilt Google these diseases for pictures to see what matches your peppers. Good Luck.
  • I guess too much water,not enough sun.Is it inside or out?
  • I'm pretty sure you're over watering. I usually water indoor plants once a week. Of course it also depends on the plant, soil, sun exposure and drainage. I'm guessing if you hadn't had good drainage they'd be dead by now! But don't give up! It's all a learning process!
  • Are the leaves darkish green and flaccid? Or are the tips of the leaves turning brown or yellow? If green and flaccid, the plant isn't getting enough water. If the leaf tips are yellow or brown, you are overwatering.
  • You're over-watering, typical newb mistake. Every 2-3 days in moderation is fine.
  • rnaybe too rnuch water

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