• Yes, you certainly can. However, if you need to save the game, you will need a PS1 memory card as well.
  • Even though you can play the PS1 games on the PS2, remember that many PS1 games have compatability problems. Don't be surprised if you find a large number of your PS1 games don't work, or have a load of errors and glitches when you try to play them.
  • Yes you can as long as the games aren't illegally copied.
  • Added note to these others.... The PS2 actually emulates the PS for PS games.
  • Note also that you apparently need a PS1 memory card to save games. I found this out after borrowing a game from a friend...
  • Yes, you can play PS1 games on your PS2 system. The PS2 adds two new features to improve your PS1 game experience called "Fast Loading" and "Texture Smoothing" Both can be accessed in the system menu when you boot the PS2 without a game CD. Only a handful of PS1 games are completely incompatible with the PS2 and alot of them were Japanese-market games. You can find the incompatible list here: Realize that turning on Texture Smoothing and Fast Loading may or may not break the game. If it doesn't work, turn those features off and try again. Before the PS2 launched, I remember reading that the PS2 was about 80-90% compatible with PS1 games (most likely with the new features turned off). If you play PS1 games on the PS2, remember to keep your PS1 memory card. Although you can use the PS2 controller with PS1 games, you need a PS1 memory card to save from a PS1 game. PS2 memory cards do not work with PS1 games.
  • Everyone may know this already, but i'll say everything anyway: PS1 games can be played independently on a PS2, but not vice versa. When it comes to Memory Cards, you MUST use PS1 Memory Cards for PS1 games, just as PS2 games require a PS2 Memory Card. Notice, if you open the PS2 when playing a PS1 game, you will find the game still running, with very few things removed. (i.e music) Really why, is because the PS2 supposingly buffers the game into an integrated memory hardware. If you play the PS1 game and come to an area where the console needs to load, you can't play anymore, and the music will supposedly loop.
  • Yes you can as long as the games aren't illegally copied.
  • Yes you can play PS1 games on the PS2 but some will have worse graphics others will have better i use my PS2 as a 'PS1' all the time
  • Yes, you can save PSX games to a PSX card on PS2. Make sure it is in the first slot just to be safe. Though, I haven't tried this in a while, I could be wrong.
  • can you play any ps2 games on a ps1?
  • you can play ps1 games on a ps2 system becuase all of the new game systems like ps3 can play,ps1 games,ps2 games,and ps3 games all in one consle.
  • yes yes yes yes yes
  • Yes because i used to do that and it worked =]
  • Yes, slight coding problems sometimes, but it still works on most games
  • Yes it can.

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