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  • no.......
  • It's not a matter of if they should be able to . An individual is able to do anything he or she pleases . Suicide is a solution to a temporary problem . Depression is a disease . It's saddening . I wish there was a way we could talk ALL suidical people out of doing the act .
  • Naw. They're seeking a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  • No. The decision to committ the act is not one of a rational mind. Deep depression, anxiety, and many other causes will allow a person to make what he/she bellieves to a 'rational' and ok decision. They couldn't be more wrong. If you, or anyone you know, is even thinking about or talking about, sucide. Don't take any chances. Call 911
  • I believe they should seek help first and learn to move on from w.e it is that is keeping them depressed I just believe they shouldn't give up on life or themselves that quickly without a fight
  • No, they should be forced to volunteer in a soup kitchen, or other facility that has people who have real problems, instead of their petty feeling sorry for themselves.
  • You ever hear of a "happy" suicide?! ;-) - Lotsa help available to treat depression, guy.
  • The problem is that a severely depressed person won't likely attempt to exhaust all avenues before taking that final step, and that is a big problem. Had they exhausted all avenues, they wouldn't feel suicidal! There ARE medications that adequately quell a troubled mind long enough to allow for a clearer perspective. Since that is the case, I say absolutely not!
  • I think that being severely depressed is actually a reason NOT to commit suicide. I might not agree, but definitely understand the reasoning behind committing suicide to aleviate suffering with a painful disease, wanting to be free from the pain, medical hassles, etc. But severe depression severely hampers your judgment, and so it would be a tragic loss of life to take it when your judgment is medically proven to be clouded. I agree with other's wishes that people DIDN'T commit suicide; and merely saying "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem" sounds extreeeeeemely heartless, trite, unsympathetic. If you've ever been to the place where suicide IS an option, you understand how there is no way your brain can see the problems as temporary during those times. We would never be so heartless as to tell a blind person to just GET OVER their sight loss, or to just LOOK HARDER. But unfortunately there is a stigma when it comes to brain issues. Which is crazy. An eye consists of what, maybe 8, 10 distinct parts; yet a brain has billions of chemicals and synapses. It's much more complicated than simple trite phrases can gloss over. For a person who is suicidal with severe depression, I would recommend looking into daily cardio exercise, a healthy diet, and a combination of therapies and at least the CONSIDERATION of meds, which can sometimes right the imbalance that caused the severe depression in the first place.
  • No, because then tax payer money goes to an investigation, I do support assisted medical suicide.
  • No, they should be taking pills for their depression.
  • I think they should you know, because, some people have problems that really cant be solved. Sometimes they realy cant feel better, no matter how much therapy/pills they have. I know I'll probably get DRed for this, but I really do think if you feel that bad, you should be able to. I wish they'd let me.....
  • It's not for me to decide, or for anyone else but them. Sometimes all medications fail, and nothing changes, and no one knows how to help anymore. I dunno.
  • Of course. It's their life to end or continue as they see fit, whether they are depressed or not. It certainly shouldn't be illegal; that's ridiculous.
  • No, that is stupid. Why dont you take that person by the hand, give em a big hug...take em to do some volunteer work, on a little vacation....and get em into some physical activity....Make em do it...Sheesh. Just kill em, cuz they dont feel anybody loves em? Why dont we try lovin them. Its all train of thought.
  • well yea, suicide is a form of darwinism if you ask me. :D
  • If their will to be an corpse, exceeds their state of living, then they are already dead.
  • no they should be sectioned until no longer a danger to themselves. electro convulsive therapy (ECT) is one of the therapies in the UK offered to hospital inpatients with a long term disposition to severe depression on their consent. It is has a very high sucess rate dispite not sounding very nice causing some improvment in 90% of patients and a significant improvement in 60-70% of patients. Dispite being an old fashioned treatment it is now in fashion again and provides more sucess than neurosurgery. Modern equipment and doctors present and the therapy normally taking place in an acute hospital makes it relatively safe.
  • No, because depression is something that distorts one's view of the world and judgment. They should be level-headed and sane to make such a serious decision, but if they were, then they probably wouldn't decide to do so.
  • Should a person be able??? If they're able yes, I suppose. If you are saying do they have the right? Yes again.
  • He** yes. and think that doctors should assist in that.People assume that those who want to die are mentally ill and they forget about the psycical aspect of it. WHen u suffer chroncic pain so bad you can barely move yes you are going to be depressed. Maybe we want to die to end the physical pain. It shouldn't matter whether it's physical or emootional, it should be the patients choice PERIOD.
  • no, cause they can always get help

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