• Yes I did. It was not the same but with Scully still there it was better than the last season without both of them.
  • I sat through the series like 3 times. So yea I did.
  • Agent Doggit was good but you know how loyalists are. They are slow to change and most never except anything new even though just as good sometimes better.
  • Yes, I did, and I even enjoyed it. Frankly, I think the problem was not so much that Mulder left, but that Scully didn’t. Now, before all the Scully fans string me up in effigy over that statement, allow me to explain: I *love* Scully. I’ve always had a thing for redheads, anyway, and her character was always great! But once Reyes became Doggett’s new partner, Scully really needed to fade out of the spotlight—perhaps take on more of a Skinner-type role, where she would just kind of be there when they needed her, without remaining a major player. They’d spent eight seasons having two agents on the case—as it should be—and when it turned into three, it became less like *The X-Files* and more like *Scooby-Doo*. What’s unfortunate is that by the end of season nine, Carter & Co. seemed to have realized this: IIRC, there were four episodes where one or the other of them was out of commission and the other two had to take care of things in his or her absence. Gillian Anderson’s contract expired at the end of season nine, anyway, so if they had actually continued into season 10, I really think that having just Doggett and Reyes would have recaptured some of the magic. Oh, well…. Thank goodness for DVDs.
  • I didn't realize that he left the show.

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