• Catholic Grammar School, Catholic Prep School ( Franciscan Brothers) That was enough for me!
  • I grew up with the Christian Religion too, but I since decided to become athiest.
  • I was taught to be materialistic, self-centered, and manipulative. Good thing I figured out otherwise and became a Christian instead.
  • 19 years of Catholic education. I was an alter boy. Went to church on Sundays, First Fridays, Holy Days etc. We had Mass in our college dorm. I'd say I grew up very Christian.
  • My Christian influence came from my grandparents and school. My parents are both atheist though, I didn't know this until I was a teenager since they never once told me they didn't believe, or that I shouldn't believe in God. They taught me nothing at all other than about what many different religions believe because they wanted me to come to my own beliefs and conclusions myself.
  • I grew up in a place where everything was wide open. Religion as well as non religious ways were shown to me and I was always allowed which path I should walk. I was encouraged to make mistakes so I could learn from them. I was not shielded from the dark side of life or what people seem to have issues with. Although I got to choose what I wanted there was always someone there in case things got out of hand. Of course I was unaware of this at the time.
  • I grew up in the Southern U.S.A (Bible-belt)where "Christianese" is the native language, but true Christian faith is rare.
  • My parents and even grandparents were Presbyterians. I went to public school and attended Sunday School at our local church.
  • The same way as you hun.
  • I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic grade school, therefore I no longer believe.
  • I'm a Muslim and brought up with Islamic teachings which I try to follow sincerely!
  • I was raised with a more or less atheist mom, a Catholic dad who became a conservative protestant when he remarried after divorcing my mom when I was four, one set of Catholic grandparents (a devout grandmother and more liberal grandfather) and another set of non-practicing Baptist grandparents. Right now, I'm pretty much agnostic, but I feel like I should be a Quaker sometimes, when I grow out of being a prick.
  • My father is a Christian, though he couldn't tell you which denomination he's supposed to belong to. My mother is a Christian as well, but she has incorporated a lot of new age spirituality into it (spirit guides, reincarnation, karma, meditation, faith healing). I went to Sunday School when I was a kid, grew up Protestant, and converted during my adolescence to Pastafarianism. Long live FSM!
  • Yep. I wanted to go to Sunday school at the local church. I think because a few friends went, I thought it would be good fun. It didn't last too long and I had gone back to my normal weekends. Then I heard about the church picnic that was coming and the girl I was in love with at the time was going. I told my father I needed to go back to Sunday school and could I start this Sunday. He looked at me for a long time before saying.'We recieved a letter from the church about the picnic but, as you have told me, church isn't for you, no,you can't go. He went on to tell me, this house is not very religious but, we don't go against what other people believe. If you want to go to church, you may, but not just because there is a picnic, you go because you believe. I missed out on the bloody picnic.
  • I was taught to believe whatever gives you the most compelling evidence.
  • I was raised a Protestant. I'm not religious now however.
  • I was taught from a young age to think for myself based on facts, and not just blindly believe what others told me. Then my parents tried to introduce christianity to me, based on what they tried to teach me, things never added up, so I never found myself able to believe in christianity or any other 'major'/'mainstream' religion. I forge the path of my own spiritual belief system and follow my own moral compass.
  • I got told the stories and to belive in god but it wasn't pushed on me. I seem to wonna know more as I grow up.
  • Sort of christian but I was more taught to question everything. Even then it was very weak. The schools tried to do it more to be honest. By the time I was seven no-one in my family believed in any religion. From then on it was a topic of interest but not believed at all.
  • I was taught to feel free to find my own spiritual way. At the age of 10 I decided I wanted to be baptized and become a god's daughter in the christian religion. Of course, back then I just wanted to wear the white little dress and stuff. And that was the first step of a long road that ended with me being a pagan. No guilts added, thank you very much.
  • To think for myself
  • I didn't grow up with any religion.
  • Christian, Pagan, Politics, with a dash of insanity, decided Christian was the way to go it is howver why the ex liked me I knew what she wanted me to know. She just didn't realize just because we have the knowledge of it doesn't mean that I was practicing it.
  • High Church Anglican
  • I was taught the golden rule, but we were never a real religious family. We still believe though, you could say.
  • I was taught to think for myself, that there are no wrong or right answers.

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