• I did it, but it was not really very cheap!! I bought several extra pairs of the same drapes that I put up at the window. I cut the hems and pockets off, (tops and bottoms) then I sewed four panels together, end to end. For the swag I just put up two decorative large curtain hooks at either side of the window and let it drape down in the center and the excess just hung down the sides of the window. For the jabow type I cut the ends at an angle and I also lined the panels...this was a bit of work, but with the ends on an angle it made for the nice pleats and the contrasting lining made it look even nicer. I also did this with "lace" curtain liners and it was cheaper. I also made it look like it had several swag dips by putting up a simple metal rod over the hanging drapes and tieing it up in several places with a decorative ribbon and tassels! My friends thought it was a custom made drapery job!! You can also measure your window, allow anywhere from 5 to 10 inches extra on each side, then get the fabric you need, you will have to sew two lengths together to get the proper width, then cut one giant circle, with the center of the circle being the width of your window, then do the same with a lining fabric and sew the two big circles together, wrong sides together leaving a samll opeing to turn them right side out, then cut it in half. Sew up one side.You can staple this to a light weight board to use instead of a curtain rod, then cut the other half circle in half again. This will be the jabow sides. You can put in as many pleats as you want usually three on each side and this gets stapled to the sides and front over the hald circle. It sounds a little complicated but it does work and looks great!!

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