• LoL. I prolly should at time. But usually we just dont talk about stuff....we do our own things when it comes to...our smarts. When hes doing something, I let him do it. When I do something, he lets me do it. But there has been times, he was alittle intimidated by things, but he told me about how he He likes my thoughts, I like alittle more descriptive with my thoughts and ideas while he is very simple. LoL. He is actually smarter, always will be...but I just let my thoughts go more.
  • My mum talks about how her friends used to do that, she never understood it. But I think that you shouldn't be incredibly intelligent all the time otherwise yes, people will be scared of you!
  • I would never do this. If a man were frightened away by my intelligence, then clearly, this is not a man with whom I'd like to be associated, anyway. I love a man who can hold up his end of the conversation!
  • I know a lot of women who do that, because their boyfriends don't want feel like they have to compete with them all the time...which is stupid to me but true. Mabye men do find it extremely intimidating, idk. I know many that do but also either gender acting a know it all is a hugh turn off.
  • No, I am afraid I am not very good at playing games. I do not have to act dumb, what you see is what you get.
  • nfortunately, a lot of women probably do it, and the ones that do usually have an asshole boyfriends and grew up with everyone telling them what a "real woman/wife" should be like or some BS. THAT's sexism; unfortunately a lot of people don't realize this because they grew up with it. It makes me quite angry when I see other women acting this way -- if a guy is scared away by intellect, he is probably stupid himself and really not worth your time.
  • Unfortunately, for those around me, I am so brilliant that there is no way to conceal it. And I never would. Any man worth having finds intelligence extremely sexy.
  • Well, I can play dumb about certain things ("Hey [goodlooking guy with expensive car at Autozone], where in the world do you put the antifreeze? All this car stuff is just WAY over my cute little female head!" *insert sweet smile*) to get attention, but beyond that? No, I can't be stupid to feed someone's ego for any extended period of time.
  • +5. I don't do it because of a boyfriend but I do it because I don't mind letting a man tbink he is smarter. It is mostly respect and I am being serious. I have been known to act silly or simple just to make someone feel better. I do not think there is anything wrong with that and honestly I like the role
  • Does 'Paris Hilton',ring a bell to you? One of the smartest Ladies in the world! Jessica Simpson? How about Baywatch star Pamala Anderson,or Yasmine Bleath? Sure,these women are all celebrities,but these are examples.Of COURSE this happens! lol! Us ladies are good at playing 'Stupid',huh?~wink~!(not everyone,I'm sure...)
  • Playing games to establish a relationship is rather stupid so maybe the women doing that are really stupid. If a man can not accept me for who I am then thats his problem not mine. In this world there will always be people who will be more intelligent than you and less intelligent than you. I enjoy those who are more intelligent because they have something to teach me and I enjoy those who are less because I have something I can teach them. Intelligence does not make a person any better or worse than anyone else.
  • I don't play stupid, I like others to think that I'm smart, which I am to some point! Haha!
  • I would think, out of the entirity of smart women who play dumb, more of them do it to get attention and/or to get their way, than "not to scare men away."
  • 80% of the girls i know. They act like complete idiots when their bf is around but as soon as he leaves they go right back to being normal. And everyone of them will deny it.
  • Guilty! I did when I was young. Then I just reached a point where I got tired of playing dumb and not being me. It was amazing, when I quit playing dumb, the quality of guys that I went out with improved. If a guy is intimidated by you because you are intelligent, why would who want to be with them?
  • Only a really dumb woman would do that, because who wants a man that would be fooled by such a thing? It he's that bad off, I sure wouldn't want him.
  • I would never do that. I am serious, but would not do anything that would scare him away unless I know he is serious as well.

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