• Sizing and Trim The strip loin in its whole form is available for purchase in a number of sizes, based upon specified trim levels • 4x6 strip loin • 2x3 strip loin • 1x1 strip loin • 0x1 strip loin The strip loin is also available bone-in and boneless. As mentioned above, the strip loin is available in a number of different sizes. Sizing for the strip loin is based upon the size of the tail in relationship to the eye of the loin. Take the 0x1 strip loin. It has virtually no tail in length and is no more than 1“ wide. As more fat and tail are left on a loin (2x3), it will be less expensive in initial cost due to the lack of workmanship that goes into its processing vs. that of a loin with less trim (0x1).

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