• who watch this drive!
  • When GWB returned to Texas, there was a village that was reunited with its idiot. It's amazing that this country was able to have a moron in the nation's highest office, and for eight years, at that. +5 for the question.
  • I don't think that George Bush believes he is an intermediary between God and the rest of the world. He is very religious, egotistical, and sadly, important, and so, he believes that what he says is what God might say. His maxim is most likely the old What Would Jesus Do?
  • Um no. When someone says "God speaks through me" they generally mean, they have come to a conclusion and have given the praise for this to the Lord.
  • He probably does. Probably believes he's Walker Texas Ranger too.
  • would be scared senseless if I believed that George W. Bush made decisions about the future direction of the American nation based upon the presumption that his whims are the will of God. It's a constant struggle for those of us who try to be fair to George W. Bush. He comes out with so many cryptic statements that we find ourselves re-interpreting his remarks from sunrise to sunset. After all, we can't believe that he really means the things that come out of his mouth. Only a megalomaniac would declare that "God speaks through me," and America couldn't possibly have a megalomaniac as President. Could it?
  • Wow you guys just can't get over your irrational hate, can you? Wait didn't you say that about me earlier? Aw don't you just love the Liberal double standard...LMAO!
  • i'm not one to judge any man's least he didn't leave his....
  • God can NOT be THAT stupid! Mr. Bush may believe it, but that doesn't make it true.

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