• Definitely!
  • Pack a 50 cal and bring on them pirates. When do we sail? :)
  • Considering the chances of getting attacked by pirates is very remote and a person would more likely to win many million dollar lotteries,I would have no fear of sailing,even in the areas that they are purported to be.
  • If given the opportunity, I would leave today, pirates or no pirates.
  • Yes definately. I spent 2.5 years aboard cruise liners and got to see much of the world. I would definately do it again. Pirates or not.
  • I would do it even if pirates were a consern! Ninjas could kill 'em!
  • The thought of being on the ocean, far from land makes me feel anxiety....or flying over it also. Sailing around coasts would do me fine....and it would definitely have to be a REALLY big ship.....
  • YES YES a thousand times yes. And I wouldn't worry about pirates either.
  • Pirates are irrelevent, been half way around already but would absolutly like to do the full tour around both capes and all coastlines with some really good camera's and a lot of film Naturally the crew of my choice aboard my own custom built boat that has a few surprises for Pirates and other brigands ... ~Nemo~
  • I'd love it as long as it was on a luxury cruise ship. I've done some sailing on yachts and an around the world voyage on a cramped little yacht is not "enjoyable" to put it mildly.
  • Sure I'd love that. MY parents did that for 3-4 years and loved it. It was just them and my longer brother, seeing the world.
  • Yes, it would be an ideal honeymoon. My boyfriend has suggested we have a year long honeymoon. He does have enough money for that... so it could be nice.. I don't really care about pirates.
  • Most certainly. I love visiting museums and monuments wherever I go, and the time on the ship will be well spent in poring over books, internet, and other sources preparing for the next destination. Now I'll ask you a return question. Are you willing to pay for my trip? Or, better still, would you like to join me? I assure you your fidelity towards your husband will remain intact.
  • Completely solo might be a bit of a drag after months and months of it, but with the right gal, it would be the greatest adventure ever!!
  • I think it would be interesting but it seems like it might be a little too much time on a small vessel. I know I could do it but I wonder if it wouldn't be more of a chore that it would be worth. I think that someday I'd like to scum a ride on a sailboat to the South Pacific. That might prove to be plenty enough experience.
  • i am a pirate, i go sailing in my ship everyday. ninja's suck
  • F*CK YEAH!!!!! That is my dream.
  • I'd love too.
  • If I had the money and the freedom to do it, i wouldnt care if there was might even be fun. Yeah I would do it. I would just pack my own guns, and stuff...A good fight with a lousy pirate would be exciting.
  • No not really, I'd rather go backpacking, or fly from place to place. Sailing sounds too much like hard work and seasickness to me!
  • if i knew how to get in to sailing, I would totally do it
  • Yes, definitely. Being able to hop from tiny bay to hidden cove along the coast of a nice country is beautiful.
  • If you include in your hypothetical list of premises "if you also had the experience and confidence" ... Are we talking about single-handing a boat, a la Sir Francis Chichester or Joshua Slocum? Then I'd want even more experience. Are we talking as a member of a crew? Then I'd want utter confidence in the skipper and the rest of the crew. Pirates and great white sharks are nothing compared to night navigation through shoal waters in an unfamiliar part of the world with few or no navigational aids, and your GPS on the fritz. Do you have the experience and confidence in your own abilities to shorten sail in a gale at midnight ... by yourself? Have you practiced your "man overboard" drill well enough so that you can do it effectively under any likely conditions, and in the dark, when you're "the only man"? No one, even with all of the resources and freedom in the world, can just hop onto a sailboat and say "Let's go!" and realistically expect to survive, much less get this accomplished. It can't be done on a whim. But I'd love to go.
  • Well, thanks, I guess. I often write responses with chuckles in mind, but this wasn't actually one of those times. Whatever; s'ok. I'm glad you enjoyed it.   But if you like how a sailor writes, you should actually talk to one sometime.
  • Pirates would not be, are not a concern and yes I don't know why not.

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