• From 260 AD - 274 AD. In 260, during a very chaotic time in Roman history, Gaul, Spain, and Britain broke away from the empire and formed an independent Gallic empire. Its "emperor", Tetricus, was a Gallic noble related to the usurping ruler of Gaul, Victorinus, and to Victorinus' mother, Victoria. Upon the murder of Victorinus, Tetricus, who was governor of Aquitania, was proclaimed emperor, apparently backed by the influence and money of Victoria. While the monetary inflation of the 3rd century reached its peak, Gaul experienced extensive invasions by Germanic tribes, and Tetricus was threatened by successive mutinies. When the Roman emperor Aurelian appeared in Gaul with an army in 274, Tetricus concluded a private treaty with him, and the areas of the Gallic Empire were returned to Rome. For this and other reconquests, Aurelian was proclaimed "Restorer of the World". The above information is from the following Encyclopaedia Britannica Online articles: "Gaul", "Tetricus, Gaius Pius Esuvius" and "Aurelian".

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