• None, oh my gosh I'd be so confused, I have to look at my fingers when I type and with worn out keys I'd be a mess. I'd have to Sharpie them back on or I wouldn't be able to function. let me try to type without pookomg-I did real well until
  • W, A, S, D. They're the ones I use to play online FPSs'.
  • ... most of them ... I got my keyboard with my "new" 1992 computer, a 486 ... the full tower case, power supply, keyboard, and stereo speakers are still the same ... the rest has been upgraded piece by piece over the years ...
  • None but my space bar is worn down.
  • None for me so far. Perhaps you can glue some Alpha Bits to your keyboard, and should you ever be in need of a quick snack, it's right at your fingertips. LOL
  • There are some keys that I can't read anymore, so I'll hunt for and peck the ones that have worn off: e, i, o, p, a, s, k, l, n, m, <, and >. That amounts to 10 letters and 2 other characters.
  • Not completely worn off but very close. Three of them are almost gone. V, N, and M.
  • None, but the left Alt key has a slash melted through it when my hubby dropped a hot match on it. ^_^
  • My keyboard is still very good, no missing letters yet. My laptop is very new. I bought it only a month ago.
  • None are worn down. I have always wondered why many symbols are not included on it like the cent sign or copyright sign? I find I use the character map a lot.
  • None...this keyboard is only about a month old...but give it time.
  • WASD (gaming), C and V (I love to copy & paste), Ctrl and Alt (function keys)
  • None. I've been through two keyboards. One had sprite spilled on it (never made that mistake again), and the other one's l button and half of the spacebar (there are two actually buttons under it) stopped working. I just got my new one a month ago.

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