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  • Getting a good blow job is indeed the best reliever. Many women feel the same when they get a good lick. I do not know why receiving oral service is that much relieving but it is indeed much more relaxing than any other kind of sex.
  • I think blow jobs are quite normal. I am used to give it to women or girls and I love it for myself. There are people who like to enjoy a blow by receiving and other like to give a blow job. I think this is quite normal. Here in Germany it seems to me that the girls are focussed on receiving oral service and for most of them it is strictly excluded that they ever would give head to somebody. Among girls and women getting head is quite popular and usual, while males should better look for aother guy if they want to have head.
  • Awakening in the morning to the Wife giving me one give the mind a new thought on "Getting Up"... Now when a woman takes ALL of it to your balls then you have had an experience, but she has to overcome the Gag reflex!
  • Two blow jobs a cold beer and a medium rare steak are much better at relieving stress than just one BJ
  • ABSOLUTELY! The best stress reliever. A great blow job makes me feel euphoric.
  • You bet - Giving and Receiving
  • After receiving blowjobs from bisexual men and women, gay men,and heterosexual women the blowjobs the I got from heterosexual women were not the best stress relievers. Blowjobs from bisexual men and women and gay men are the best stress relievers out there, and bisexual men and women and gay men give better blowjobs then heterosexual women.

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