• I would think not because they make it for pets, so i think it would be safe.
  • I think it's unlikely to do damage in the situation you described. It would probably require an active effort on your part to cause damage. The fact you are so concerned probably means your kitty will live a long, healthy & well cared for life.
  • No worries. These lasers are very harmless. I wouldnt intentionally put in your cat's (or anyone's) eye for along time, but it shouldnt be harmful. They are rated in the safe category.
  • The way you describe it, it wasn't intentional and was for just a split second. Don't worry. I have one of those toys from Wal Mart as well. I'm very careful, but I know sometimes for a fraction of a second my cats might look right into the beam...and they are ok. They sure do love playing with that, though...drives 'em nuts!
  • If it was me, I'd just use a regular flashlight, but just for a split second, it won't hurt.

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