• MOST employers will NOT hire someone who is OVERQUALIFIED as they fear that person may take their job in the future .....
  • It costs money and effort to hire someone and train them. If someone is overqualified, it typically means they're settling for a lesser job than they should in order to bridge a short-term gap in employment, with the intention of moving on when the right job shows up. So the employer has to go through all the hassle of re-filling the job, losing the productivity of a trained worker, etc. It's actually very expensive. The ideal employee is someone who is reasonably well qualified by still sees the job as challenging and interesting enough to grow in.
  • over-qualified employees will not be content to settle for a job that is clearly beneath them, not for long, anyway. by the time the company has invested time and resources training/familiarizing that employee with their work, the employee will have moved on to a better job. then the company must start all over again, advertising, interviewing, get the idea
  • Employers see an over-qualified person as someone who's likely to become bored, who'll feel like their full range of skills/experiences aren't being utilized, and who will feel underpaid, leaving for a better job.
  • They probably think you won't stick around, as soon as you find something better your gone
  • Over-qualified means more money paid out or hiring someone who will be always looking for a better job and most likely will not stay
  • An over qualified, unemployed person is "generally speaking" looking to use a job to step-up, as in,leave when a better job becomes available in 6 to 8 months. It's just easier to train-up a new, under qualified person, than risk starting over again in 6 months.

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