• I guess we wont know until we die
  • Why would they be? Left in the middle of nowhere without any direction, sore ribs, a snake and an apple. Amazing they did as well as they did. What kind of Lord do you believe in, small and petty?
  • Did Adam and Eve go to a burning hell to be tormented forever? If God had purposed to punish them in that way, surely he should have warned them to that effect. Jehovah would then have said to Adam: ‘If you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you will go to hell and be tormented forever and ever.’ But God said nothing of the sort. Then did he change the penalty for the crime after it had been committed? even imperfect men realize that to be unjust. Surely God is not less just than man, is He? Eve and Adam confessed to their willful sin. They had no basis for asking for His forgiveness and they did not ask for it, for that would have meant for God to set aside his own law. Contrary to what the Devil had said by means of the serpent, God justly stuck to his law and sentenced Adam and Eve to death. He did not sentence them to everlasting life in a place of fiery torment; he sentenced them to what his law had stated, death. This meant that they must return to the place from which Adam had been taken, to the dust of the ground, thus to a state of nonexistence.
  • Adam and Eve are dead they died for their sins. According to Bible apocrypha and pseudo apocrypha God said to Adam and Eve if you repent of your sins And take care to obey me the rest of your life I will raise you up in the day Of judgment to a resurrection of life.. Keep in mind that these scriptures are in the pseudo apocrypha and not in the Bible Canon. According to the Bible Adam and Eve are dead and the dead are conscious of nothing that's as far as the Bible takes it
  • Hell and Heaven don't exist, so they won't be there. And since Adam & Eve are make-believe cult characters, it's obvious that you'll find them (along with Heaven and Hell) all in the same place: Imagination Land

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