• They let their kids play on the roof!! you can make your own mind up but i personally question their sanity!!
  • One is, and one is not yo...
  • I sometimes think my next door neighbour's, next door neighbour is an idiot, lol. :o)
  • All my neighbors are idiot's Well maybe not.. they found a away to beat the system...
  • Did you follow me home? How did you know about Norman?
  • Most of our next-door neighbours are politicians or Government officials. So in that regard, one could quite easily call them idiotic, yes. That said, they seem to be quite nice people. A little stuffy, and more often than not they seem to be politely appalled by my disheveled appearance 80% of the time, but they're sweet. Good to have around if one ever wants to be bored to death by referendum talk.
  • Yes my neighbor is an idiot. At least I can take some comfort in knowing that I am not the neighborhood idiot.
  • of them is yes :D
  • Luckily no.....I only have 2 neighbors and they are both very nice people.
  • I think he is a Russian or a Slavic person.
  • Not at all. Two closet to me are my nieces. next are people who use to work for me and are friends. Not an idiot in the bunch.
  • i wouldent call him an idiot, just started drinking like crazy since his girlfriend dumped him
  • yes, one of them dislikes hispanic people and i thought some of her comments were borderline racist. i find contempt like that idiotic. she has other issues that make me raise an eyebrow as well, but none of them qualify as idiocy. but like most people, shes not all bad ~ she does try very hard to be nice to me. her husband is very kind. its her birthday this week and they invited me to a homecooked birthday dinner, and i accepted. i dont like to diss people ~ they are my neighbors after all. my other neighbors are a very elderly couple. i am very fond of the husband, hes incredibly sweet. the wife on the other hand is an idiot for ragging on the man ad nauseum for no good reason at all. shes rarely left the home for the past 40 years and i dont believe she has any friends other than her husband and two sons. she bears a striking resemblance to anne ramsey in throw momma from the train ~ screams, scowls, everything...
  • Oh Ice Man. I love this question. I would like to answer honestly, but I'm afraid I can't. So I'm going to say ... "No, he's a very nice guy" and leave it at that. I mean I don't think there's anything wrong with a 45 year old man still having his Mom support him, is there?????
  • I think every village should have it's own idiot! LOL I am just thankful, er maybe hopeful, that it's not me!
  • Yes, but they're awsome on the guitar!! =D They play everyday in the garage..the drummer seems like he don't know what he's doing though.. Lol
  • No but that's what my neighbour says
  • I have a doctors surgery on one side, so that one is only opne in work hours. which is great! then on the other side IDIOTS... i am sure they were testing us when we first moved in, they had their music up SO LOUD all the time, first thing in the morning and when that happens on a sunday mornign that makes me SO MAD!! so on Melbourne cup day we had to get up early so we turned ours up, really really loud. since then every now and again we invite ppl over and stay up late with our loud music to see how they like it! they stopped doing it, and so did we =] he asked my bf to come over and smoke a bong with him the first time they spoke... he was like eehhh nah im fine, I am pretty sure they deal it to... The wifes voice sounds horrible! real loud and deep but with a sqeak in it if that is possible... we can hear nearly everything in their house they are yelling at each other that much. we can even hear when they watch a movie, they turn it up so loud that our house rattles hahah so yer they can be idiots ;p
  • Not at all, hes my best friend. I have known him since I was in 1st grade.
  • I'm happy to report that none of my neighbors are idiots.
  • Judge not least you be judged. Yesterday's sermon at our church included this. So, no my neighbor's are not idiots. They do feed the birds and squirrels and that causes some problems in our yard with them. But they are not idiots.
  • Nope, on one side its a couple in their 30's with a two year old who is a little darling, and on the other side is a woman in her 70's who is lovely!
  • No thats too nice of a description to be her
  • Are you speaking about the clinical definition, which means an IQ of 25 and a numerical age of about 3? No I don't. Otherwise I don't recognize the is one of the ones I've abolished. :)
  • yes because his wife is an excellent cook and he left her
  • Hi Ice Man! On one side is a lady attorney. Very nice, chatty, always wanting to know if I need anything picked up at the grocery store, etc. etc. On the other side a man who owns the Italian Restaurant down the street. Mid-40's, single, blares his music loud all night, different girl friends come and go, sometimes 2 or 3 there at the same time! He's a real trip! (Unless you are trying to sleep or otherwise enjoy some peace and quiet...) How about YOUR neighbors? (which I presume prompted this question!!)
  • We have an old Navy guy across the street -- retired. He's a hoot. He yells at everyone going too fast and stuff like that. I'm glad we are on his good side. He used to yell at my older son when he was a teenager for doing burn outs and cranking his stereo. Now that my son has joined the Navy, he just loves him. When my son came back from deployment recently, he took him out to a steak dinner.
  • No. Bob is AWESOME! He's 85, loves to snow-blow for all his neighbors in the winter, has the best lawn in the summer. He and his wife still travel to Hawaii and Vegas. And he's an original owner, so when I need to know when something was last done on my house, he can usually tell
  • On one side I have the nicest neighbors in the world. On the other side I would use the word idiot, yes. Along picky, judgemental, anal, hypocritical, gossipy. I'll let you know if I think of any more, lol.
  • Not particularly. Is yours ?
    • Ice man
      Oh yes, very much so. Which is what prompted this question all those years ago, and he still amazes me with his stupidity on a regular basis.
    • Lilo Avli
      Is his wife named "Mircat" ? You and her seem to be hitting it off rather spectacularly. She's not one of the many ex Mrs. Ice Man is she ? Sooooo much sexual tension between the pair of you. It is hilarious !!
    • Ice man
      No, I think that one bats for the other side. But she sure has a lot of pent-up sexual frustration and keeps coming back for more punishment. She's probably going to get me put in the box next.
    • Lilo Avli
      Someone's box is going to be filled. Not sure if it's yours or hers. Won't be mine, cos it's still abstinence Thursday. Keep calm, Ice Man. Breathe thru your mouth, remember she is a Lady and bolt all your doors and windows until Winter.

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