• If what he said was true you would see exactly the same FDA harassment as you do now. It is a fact and an admitted fact that the FDA, USDA, FTC, CDC are funded and controlled by the companies they control. The drug industry and the Medical industry does not want cures only “manageable treatment to disease, their words exactly! What this is an extremely successful disinformation campaign to make people believe that nothing Trudeau says is true. Whether his books are useful is not the issue. It is “Is what he is saying about the big business that make trillions on people getting sick, is true? And want to keep it that way! For 30 years there was a cure for diabetes, asthma, allergies and cancer soon, do you see it? No and you never will because they do not want a cure. Look this up, Then number one killer in the US is not cancer or heart disease but “Medical practice!” Doctors kill nearly 900,000 people each year and every year. It is public information. Trudeau is worth millions and it is costing millions in fines and tv adds, he does not need the money! He is just trying to get the truth about the medical industry out their in the only way he know how.
  • P.S Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch has been sued and lost and still is! He is a THING of the medical industry and big business. Quackwatch and their affiliates are part of the big polluters and poisoners disinformation campaign because they know people are not fooled and are going organic, natural cures and alternative medicine. They tried for 30 years to stop natural cures, supplements and alternative cures, thru the courts and the FDA,CDC USDA, FTC and failed so now they are on the web with so called consumer groups. Never a word about lead and mercury in toys never a word about mercury being injected in kids, no because that is being done for profit! And never mention about the 900,000 people killed by doctors every year!
  • He lives in a money hungry, conspiracy laden world. He has some good IDEAS, but limited knowledge. His ignorance ends up polluting the minds of the general population.
  • My opinion is for everyone to keep their opinions to themselves. Healthiest way to think. ;)
  • Wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him - See my page on ITV Ventures, which he helped create at for more
  • In April 2006, I was almost an invalid. I had 5 bypasses 4 years earlier. I was so over medicated and sick that I could hardly move.I read his book and started researching my ailments and found that they all came from the pharmaceutical drugs that I was taking needlessly.To make a long painful story short. I am now off all medicines. I am taking the natural way to good health and I am 72 with all of my vitals in perfect range. I thank Kevin for starting me thinking. He is a con man but he cannot hold a candle to my doctor and the pharmaceutical companies who tried to kill me.I in the last 2 years have been to more corrupt doctors who want the commissions that they earn from prescriptions at the expense of my health. I take and will take nothing unless it is administered when I am unconscious. Doctors an drug companies are no better than Kevin Treaudeau. Wal*Mart and the oil companies make Kevin look like a Saint. Keep after them Kevin. I love you!
  • I believe him, but I never bought any of his books.
  • For starters, I love his first name but that's where it ends too.
  • very good man.the reason why the FTC is sueing him is because he is exposing america.
  • i got both of his books from the library and they have changed my life. -for the better. i believe just about everything he says. most things i didnt believe were things i didnt understand till i researched them and then i believed him. everything is beneficial to you HEALTH. and to do that u have to start inside. he is amazing for writing his books and 2 yrs later i still use them a refrences and give them as gifts bc i love ppl and want them 2 be healthy.
  • the "cures " are doing things that are good for your health and using things that dont have KNOWN harmful chemicals amognst using natural things that are known to work instead of popping pills to treat the SYMPTOMS instead of CURING THE CAUSE.
  • clever at juggling words
  • He's a Fraud and has been convicted many times in the past.
  • liar and fake...or very ignorant. his stuff is false.
  • Well I think he over exagerates a bit about the cures but I lost 30 lbs on the hcg diet and have benifited from all the detox advice so its a personal experience one has to try for ones self
  • the man is a TOTAL JACKASS & should be hung by his balls for all the deception he's put over on people.......a firing squad's too good for him!!
  • He's a very skilled scam artist. A true master of the art, really. He gives every indication of actually believing in the BS he sells. It really is impressive to watch him work.

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