• No, your age and gender have no effect on home insurance. Auto insurance does that because as the operator of a vehicle, you're the person most likely to do the damage. Home insurance prices are affected by weather patterns (Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods [though most home insurance companies don't cover flooding! Make sure you know if yours does!]), crime rates in the area, whether you have a fence, a burglar alarm, pets (if my insurance company finds out I have a pit bull, they can cancel my policy!), whether the home lies on wetlands... the list goes on and on.
  • From what I understand ; the age and sex of the person insured plays no part on a Homeowners Policy ... NOTE: be sure to get SEVERAL estimates before you accept a policy ... you'd be surprised in the difference ...
  • Good question. It is true that males 18-25 have higher auto insurance costs due to higher claims as a group. Many insurance companies now use credit rating to measure the risk for homeowners policies. It is comparable to using age because younger people usually have poor credit numbers or none at all. Good credit numbers take time and reflect responsible low risk people.

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