• As governemt control becomes more and more defined day by day, with the passing of the patriot act and what not, it shows a terrible future in which men and women are more and more alike, the future Ayn Rand proposed seems not to distant from the time we live in now. (just finished writing an essay about this novela.)
  • Anthem still provides a viable warning today. While the book was written as a prediction of life in a totaliarian,communistic society, I do not believe it is a stretch of the mind to say it can apply to extreme socialist governments. As governments take the role of support and caretaker to their citizens, they run the risk of becoming too deeply involved. The more a governing body "takes care" of your life, the more aspects of your life it can dictate. Taken to the extreme, this type of governmental care could become total, resulting in a society where everything a person does is dictated and directed.

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