• theres always counseling, perhaps doing things together go back and enjoy the things you did when you first fell in love. if not, im sure you know what to do. just be nice about it yet rip the bandaid off quickly and tell him you will still be around to support him in life if he needs or wants it. but whatever you do, dont drag it out because that only causes more pain and confusion. the sooner its done with, the sooner you can both move on.
  • but make sure it is that you definately don't love him anymore. sometimes ppl may just need a bit of a break and also time together to reignite those old feelings. like spear3 said- take a trip down memory lane. is there anything in particular he does to make you not feel as though you love him? or more a boredom or grown apart? I think if its either of those you can work through it by talking, but if it is something he doesn whicg wont change or differences in you both then maybe it is better to part ways. but i def think you shoulc talk to him and maybe hav a good break from each other and try to remember the things you loved bout each other
  • Yes its called dump him!
  • instead of staying in the house. meet up or go out for dinner to a nice place, dress up for each other have a few drinks and flirt and feel sexy. then go home and have fun and try new things or just try to love each other and reconnect in the bedroom by taking it all slow and remembering how u felt together. I really think that if u dont want a break, then its easy to fix by just cutting down the time u spend together and dont do the same boring things- do something fun out of the house. If your scared of just having a few days apart (and doing ur own thing in those times so u each have summin new to talk about) then my guess is its more a dependency thing. Its easy to fix but u gotta be prepared to each make a few changes and be a bit scared. That scared feeling will make u both remember how much u love each other. most importantly DONT STRESS! just plan something nice and bonding together and enjoy each others company
  • Have you guys had sex yet?
  • In your heart if you really don't, then no. It can still feel very sad & a bit scary even, facing the knowledge that you are no longer in love with that person. That feeling will pass. Staying in the r/ship will just postpone the inevitable.
  • no, sorry. Put an end to it now before it ends in more heartache. Maybe the relationship just ran it's course
  • Yeah, you leave him
  • get rid of him, there is no point in staying with him, dating is supposed to help u find someone u love
  • If love has gone and the sparks disappeared, you have to be honest with each other and finish it sooner rather than later. The longer it goes on, the more unhappy you'll both be in the end, sorry :(

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