• You should not have an addiction yet, so you should be able to stop smoking fairly easily. However, if you wait and don't then you will have a hard time quitting later.
  • Yeah, you should just stop without any further consideration. The withdrawal symptoms from two cigarettes a day should be quite manageable for you.
  • Yes. Please stop. I smoked for 20 years, 3 packs a day, and it does not get easier to quit.
  • Just stop and it should be really easy. I smoked a pack a day for 3 years and I stopped cold turkey with no problems... of course I do a lot more heroin than I used to....
  • you should stop, i smoked for over ten years and stopped so it is possible
  • Only 2 CIGS a day? THAT IS NOT SMOKING!!!! If you are worried about withdrawal symptoms from that, then you are pretty fucking weak!! In my earlier days I would go through a minimum of 1-1/2 packs, usually closer to 2, and I did that for YEARS. THAT will lead to DTs. Your dabbling... my GAWD! If THAT causes you issues then the exhaust from passing cars will kill you next month anyways.

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