• Best friends? Probably, I have several religious friends.
  • Sure. My husband still believes in God, and we get along fine. I just take out my frustrations on unsuspecting radical religious internet people.
  • SURE they can . Just because someone does NOT have your belief's and ideals ; does not mean you can't be FRIENDS and respect each others right to their own opinion ...
  • sure why not! as long as they didnt have heated discussions about religion! lol! +3
  • I don't see why they could not be. I know some Arabs abd Jews who are very good personal friends. The "trick" is to NOT let your religious beliefs and differences "interfere" with a good friendship. It CAN be done!
  • not without one being guilty of being judgemental towards other friends as lesser... we should all just be good friends and keep it at that to avoid jealousy killings.
  • Yeah. I'm an atheist, and I have two very good Christian friends, one of whom I am sure counts as a best friend, if not both.
  • Why not?
  • Some of us can and some of us can't. I have quite a few very good Christian friends and what they all have in common is they respect my beliefs as I respect theirs.
  • Yes, just because someone does not share my faith and views does not mean they are not a decent, moral and honest person. I am proud to know many people who do not share my faith as my true friends
  • Yes, as long as they both believe in friendships.
  • Definitely, but probably they should avoid the topic unless they can restrain their words. There is a song by Italian singer Marco Masini (atheist) about his best friend, a Catholic priest, who was killed in a car accident. It's called "Dio non c'e" (there is no god).
  • Sure, but it's going to be rough on the Christian round about when they're getting towards dying age.
  • if all my friends had the same ideas as me,it would be so boring always agreeing need contrast to stimulate creative fighting is fun too.
  • I'm your friendly neighborhood atheist. Doesn't mean I wont loan you my cusinart or my fancy vacum cleaner. Just means we might agree to disagree on a few things.
  • Yes - When I think of my three very best friends now, two are Christian (one is Muslim). When I think of my best friends when I was a teenager - they were Catholic and Non-Denominational.
  • yes...I don't see why not. I don't expect my friends to believe everything I do.
  • Yes they can but know doubt it would be one hell of a relationship.Pun intended.: )
  • Sure I would, but not if they tried to push their religious beliefs on me...
  • Sure. I was the only non-religious person in my class at school for a while, and consequently almost all of my friends at that stage were religious. I think that as long as you remain respectful, your beliefs are not an issue.
  • Yes! I'm Atheist and one of my best friends is Christian.
  • I am atheist in belief but have Catholic, Islamic and Hindu friends. I don`t generally talk religion with them. Sometimes I take little digs at them, just to keep them on their toes. I think of irrational beliefs in the same way as irrational phobias, there's often very little we can do about curing people of them.
  • why not -they can marry too.5
  • LOL it's not like there's an all-out holy war. Most of my friends Christians and Non-Theists; I don't distinguish between them in terms of actual friendship.
  • Yea they can.
  • Yeah, most of my friends are Christians. We don't get onto that subject very often.
  • Sure, the purpose of a Christian is to have a spiritually ill person as his or her best friend. Just like Jesus who socialized with sinners. Mark 2:17 "When Jesus heard it, He saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."
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  • With the future in mind, there is no common ground...and the future is the Kingdom...where obedience to Jehovah is required... The ' friend ' will not want to be obedient...and his/her future is limited.
  • Yes, but it wouldn't be easy and natural. It also wouldn't be likely. I would want my "BEST" friend to understand my religious beliefs and be like-minded. We are cautioned in The Bible not to be unequally yolked. But as for very good friends, I have a lot of atheist friends and family! Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and we should all respect the beliefs of others. Easy to say harder to do sometimes, and we are all works in progress and need to love and forgive one another.
  • I had no idea about ashiest when I was not Christian and had Christian friends.
  • Yes, but the Christian friend would be wise to let his/her light shine rather than forcing empty scriptures down the atheist's throat. What I mean by "empty" is not living what you believe.
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