• Hell Ya!
  • Testosterone causes hair loss. For a good time, date a bald guy.
  • Yes it can.
  • Yes it can because smoking depletes the body of two vital vitamins that the body canno't make on its own and cannot retain. It destroys vitamin C which is vital for skin and hair and nail health... and Vitamin D which helps calcium absorption which is also helpful with skin. Take a multivitamin specifically for your hair skin and nails... Make sure you stay hydrated because wateris also vital to retain skin elasticity that prevents wrinkles that smoking worsens and take Biotin... It also helps hair growth. Sage tea is also a hair toinic. Take whole sae leaves steep in warm water (not boiling) and drink.
  • Yes it does. Smoking actually hinders the formation of sex hormones and the alter in their release causes hair fall!
  • Yes it does. And your peepee goes smaller so please stop smoking.
  • yes smoking cause hair loss. Because smoking leads to the poor circulation of blood in the body and this reduce the blood flow to the hair follicles.Smoking may also disrupt the circulation system and this would seriously affect the blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting to the hair loss.

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