• No, there's no reason for you to worry about his paws. Actually I'd be more worried about his fighting instinct if I were you.
  • As long as he isn't toed out or in, I wouldn't be worried about it. I would imagine that it is an indication that he is going to be a fairly large, well-muscled dog when he finishes growing. What I would be concerned about is making sure that his bloodline is not one recently or especially used for fighting; and that you will have the physical strength and fortitude to work with him to see to it that he is properly socialized and well trained. Using Positive Reinforcement is the best way to help him learn to join up as a willing partner in developing good habits, and good behaviors that can make him a joy to know as he matures into his size. You want to be firm, but loving. Support him in making good choices to follow your commands. Depending upon his temperament, you might want to read up on NILIF, (NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE). This is a training method that encourages the dog to EARN things that the dog naturally wants and places a VALUE on. In order to GET what he WANTS, he must correctly listen, learn and do the behaviors that you ask him to do. This is an especially useful training method for dogs that seem to be confused as to WHO, exactly, is in charge...which to be honest...most young dogs WILL tend to go through some stages of sorting this aspect of their relationship with the humans out. It is a CALM, POSITIVE training method, that supports the young dog in learning what all of the benefits are to doing what you ask them to do.
  • My pit bull has webbed feet to and so does my boyfriends pit. I can't explain the webbing but almost every pit-bull I ever saw has webs. And the big paws mean he's going to be a big boy when he's older. I wouldn't worry about the "fighting" either as long as you give him exercise and get if a boy nurtured for sure. Or get him around other kinds of dogs when he's a puppy. My pit is the biggest baby I swear, my little Pomeranian is more of a pitbull.

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