• Your video just popped, I have not seen it yet but I will. Never the less I guess I know what you are referring to. If Sean Hannity was willing to undergo water boarding and confidently agreed perhaps he had not seen or did not know about what is mentioned in the enclosed video links: I think he chickened out!!!
  • He's so full of crap. If I ever saw him, i would slap him so hard...Never have i wanted to hit a human as much as him. He will never do it.
  • I just love it when a blowhard support-our-troops verbal bully stumbles into showing that its their own cowardice that makes them so obsessed with having other people tortured and killed to protect their trembling butt. The guy's a coward. Knowing his personality type, I always knew that. Now the whole world knows it.
  • Hannity is every bit the coward that the whole "Chickenhawk" contingent (mostly GOP) of our government/business/media elites are.
  • He'll never go through with it.
  • Why wouldn't he do it? Our own troops and pilots are themselves waterboarded to show what kind of torture techniques that could be used against them if they are captured. We all know they will suffer a far worst fate if they really are captured.
  • He's too busy griping about important things like what Obama orders on his burger. I doubt he will ever do it, even though Olbermann promised to donate $1000 dollars for every second he lasts.
  • HA!Never,would be my guess!
  • Not gonna happen. Sean Hannity lives the ultimate privileged life. Forget waterboarding, he couldn't even handle a shot of cheap scotch…
  • I don't think the guy is ever going to wake up one day and say, "Gee, it's such a rainy and miserable day anyway. Might as well get tortured today!" The brain's subconscious wakes the body up when a person dreams of physically dying. The mind is literally incapable of dreaming that scenario to completion. The human mind has a powerful relationship with bodily harm and shuts down to any threat of dire pain and discomfort. That being said, I think it is both rash and ridiculous to agree to torture. I have trouble that any one would, could, or even should set up a date to do it and then carry through with that, as promised. Not only is it a mockery of every victim who has been forced into this, but it also goes completely contrary to the human psyche.

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