• I am not sure of the rules country by country, but in many places, you do not need any documents to change your name, just assume it and then change your documents. If you are changing it because of marriage, you will, of course, need your wedding certificate as proof. But it is best to go to court and change it by Deed Poll in other circumstances. Check with your local authorities as to the procedures.
  • In America, the laws vary from state to state. In Florida, you need to appear before a judge having filled out simple paperwork. You now also have to have a background check with fingerprints.
  • I had to do this years ago, in the US. In doing something else where I had to furnish a copy of my birth certificate as proof of identity, it turns out the clerk's office had misspelled one letter in my first name, and it had been recorded with the clerk's spelling, instead of the way I and my parents/family had always spelled it. So just to keep everything legally clear, I went through the process to change it legally to the way we had always spelled it. It was simple, just pay a filing fee and file the form, giving your reason for wanting to change it. Courts in the US will accept just about any reason for you wanting to change it, as long as it's not to avoid legal prosecutions or perpetuate a fraud. You could probably find the correct form for your state online. My filing fee was like $35, so inexpensive. An attorney could do it for you, but it's so simple to do yourself.

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