• you can not install XP with the drive in one computer and then put it in another one, that will not work. Firstly you will need to change the boot options for the laptop so it is set to boot from CD first, look for a message that says something like press F10 to enter setup, press the key it says, once in the setup screen (BIOS) look for boot order and change it so the CD drive is first. Also the standard windows XP disk does not have the drivers on it for SATA drives. however that would not stop it booting from the CD, it would just tell you that there was no hard drive installed when the setup started. you can make a XP disk with the SATA drivers by using a bit of software called nlite more details here and the sata drivers from here
  • If your laptop came with Windows Vista installed, I would hesitate to roll it back to Windows XP, even if you purchased the installation media. Many hardware computer manufacturers no longer make drivers for Windows XP, particularly for their newer, non-business computer models. Check with the manufacturer website (Toshiba in your case) to see if they still have drivers available for Windows XP.
  • First, you'll need a licence to use Microsoft Windows XP on your laptop. Once you're legally licenced, next you need to get over the technical hurdles. Microsoft Windows XP doesn't support SATA drives - which is why you can't install it. To get over this you'll need to go to the manufacturer's website and download the SATA driver for Windows XP floppy disk image and write it to a floppy. When booting the Windows XP CD, press "F6" when prompted and then later insert the floppy disk with the driver. Another option would be to create a "Slipstreamed" XP CD with this SATA bolt-on pre-included.
  • There's one more answer I'd like to add: Some laptops have special BIOS for specific OS. You have to download BIOS specially for XP from your laptop's manufacturer website to get XP to install and work.
  • back up or recovery cd's won't work you will need XP from a retailer or wholesaler If your Lt is only configured to use a 64 bit OS 32 bit XP won't ever work
  • There are three possibilities. First is that the boot setting in your laptop bios is wrong. Go into the bios and make sure that the CD/DVD rom is at the top on the boot sequence option. This will make the laptop detect the CD/DVD first. Then put your XP cd on the tray and restart your laptop. It should detect the CD and the installation should start. The second possibility is that your XP cd is not bootable. There are some XP cd sold, normally old ones that are not bootable. So make sure the cd is bootable. Thirdly, maybe your CD or CDrom is faulty. Try other CDs to see if it load on the laptop. Hopefully this helps. I'll be glad to help if the problem still occurs.

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