• The U.S.
  • isn't it cows??
  • I heard once that two stroke motors with no emissions control, like lawn mowers and such, produce way more than cars do.
  • The United States Government
  • As for countries, it once was the US but the AP reports that studies indicate that it is now China. For a detailed breakdown of what produces how much of what greenhouse gases; this article presents it pretty well:
  • Apparently insect's farts contribute the most, not cows.
  • Volcanoes. They produce more emissions than all the industry of the world combined.
  • Mens butts!
  • America produces 25% of the world's CO2
  • Greenhouses.
  • 1) "June 21, 2007 It was only three months ago that international energy officials revised a prediction that China would surpass the United States as the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases by 2009 or 2010. It could happen, they warned, as early as the end of this year. That may have been conservative. China's emissions of carbon dioxide, the most significant greenhouse gas, already have exceeded those of the United States, according to a report released this week by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The study estimated that the surging demand for power from China's rapidly expanding economy caused carbon dioxide emissions to rise by 9% in 2006. That increase, coupled with a slight decline in the United States, meant that China's emissions for the year surpassed those of the U.S. by 8%, the Dutch report said. A top official of the International Energy Agency, considered the authoritative source on global energy use and fossil fuel emissions, said Wednesday that there was little practical difference between his estimates and those by the Dutch agency. "It is either this year, or it was 2006, or it will be 2008," said Fatih Birol, the agency's chief economist. He said that what is important is the way China and the richer countries of the industrialized world respond to the changing situation. Neither the United States nor China have ratified the 1997 Kyoto Protocol setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions. And as recently as this month's Group of 8 summit of leading industrialized nations in Germany, President Bush cited China as a reason for his continuing opposition to mandatory measures, which critics say impose specific standards on the most economically advanced nations but not on the developing world." Source and further information: 2) "For now, though, we can only guess who might top that list in the United States. If we're like Canada, it might be our biggest coal-fired power plant. It turns out that under an old provision of the Clean Air Act, power plants do have to tell the government about their releases of one greenhouse gas — carbon dioxide. And the EPA says that for the past three years, the company at the top of that list has been the Robert W. Scherer Power Plant near Macon, Ga." Source and further information: 3) "The United States emitted 16.3% more GHG in 2005 than it did in 1990. According to a preliminary estimate by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the largest national producer of CO2 emissions since 2006 has been China with an estimated annual production of about 6200 megatonnes. China is followed by the United States with about 5,800 megatonnes. However the per capita emission figures of China are still about one quarter of those of the US population. Relative to 2005, China's fossil CO2 emissions increased in 2006 by 8.7%, while in the USA, comparable CO2 emissions decreased in 2006 by 1.4%. The agency notes that its estimates do not include some CO2 sources of uncertain magnitude. These figures rely on national CO2 data that do not include aviation. Although these tonnages are small compared to the CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere, they are significantly larger than pre-industrial levels." Source and further information: Further information: "Until recently the United States was the largest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions. According to preliminary estimates China has been the top emitter since 2006." Source and further information:
  • By far the biggest producer of greenhouse gasses is the oceans. One thing that the alarmists want you to ignore is that water vapor is vastly more important as a greenhouse gas than all of the others combined and the primary source of water vapor is the oceans.
  • The USA, not sure of the chemical process where the ocean produces CO2. Also, cattle and livestock are a huge contributer. Here's a link to an informative page;
  • Water vapor in and of itself is not a green house gas but instead make the air we breath hang onto it easier. The Clausius-Clapeyron relation establishes that air can hold more water vapor per unit volume when it warms. This and other basic principles indicate that any warming associated with the increased concentration of the other greenhouse gases also increases the concentration of water vapor as well. In climate matters, when a warming trend results in effects that induce further warming, the process is referred to as a "positive feedback"; when the effects induce cooling, the process is referred to as a "negative feedback". Because water vapor concentrations increase with increases in greenhouse gas, water vapor can cause increases in the greenhouse effect. Also because warm air can hold more water vapor than cooler air, the primary positive feedback involves water vapor.
  • My ass.
  • Don't laugh but in New Zealand the government thought about bringing in "fart Tax!" They said that cows produced a heap of CO2 and they decided that they might start charging a "Fart Tax!" My partner Sue said "Jesus Dave, if they hear about your abilities they might tax you out of any cash!" This is but one reason why I migrated back to the UK in November last year! Grin...
  • I like Glenn Blaylocks website. It would appear however, that he is standing on his own soapbox. I appreciate tree huggers as much as they appreciate themselves but this does not change the fact that water vapor is not nor makes any geen house gas. This is a chemical fact. Ya can't make any type of organic compound out of hydrogen and oxygen, no matter how you arange the atoms.
  • One more thing about Glenn Blaylock. Anyone interested in finding out where his "OPINION" about green house gases comes from, please take a look at his website. Remeber, the information I have given you is "FACT."
  • I think the author knew what answer "HE" wanted before he wrote the question.

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