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  • I used to call him 'Cookie' for a while but I stopped, I just call him 'Babe' or 'Baby' now. Or my "Beautiful Blonde" which I can't tell if he likes or doesn't like me calling him that.
  • I refer to my certain someone as babycakes and I don't know why.
  • I call this girl at school fanny rash because she has loads of spots
  • Our dog max I call Him DogMan
  • Icall my son Anthony "buddy" because he is my buddy now at 25.
  • ummm my girlfriend calls me cucumber because i said on our first date i was always as cool as a cucumber and she said she just wanted to eat me up with chile and limon and i call her cutey cause shes just so damn cute :)
  • i call a good guy friend (not my bf) stool friend.... hes alot shorter than others and it came about when he liked a tallish girl... and we were discussing the pros and cons of him going out with her and then we were being not so serious and i ended up with that he shouldnt go out with her as if she was to give him head he would need a stool as he is so short.. we ended up though with alot of FOR going out then not..... a little dirty but it was a joke and the girl he liked was my best friend so there was no harm done with the name. i still call him stool friend even though they never even went out!
  • Pandamonium (which is a more advanced version of)> Panda (which rhymes with)> Amanda (which is the original name in the first place)
  • Eagle, because he's always there protecting me.
  • Many of them: We call my buddy Gino- Gino Machine-O. Because he rarely shows emotion. You can't rattle the guy. My uncle Joey "the nose" Self explanatory. My cousin Joey "balls" He's got nuts like potatos. He WILL show them to you. Tony "Sox" He refuses to wear the same pair of socks twice. Dude keeps extra pairs in his car.
  • i call my best friend coach - because he always peps me up no matter the challenge, thanks+5.
  • I lived with a guy for 11 years, He was hit by a drunk lady while driving his truck, he then bought a motorcycle and was hit by a truck and had his leg broke. He bought another motorcycle and was hit again by another car and broke his shoulder. He said it couldn't possibly happen again so he bought another motorcycle and was driving it home from where he bought it and was hit again less than an hour after he payed for it. None of the accidents were his fault but I used to call him "Crash". It annoyed him at first but he didn't mind it after awhile.
  • Yes, I have 1 friend that I call my favorite dirtbag in the world
  • My fiance was concieved in a cornfield in Hastings, Minnesota. His parents thought about naming him Hastings at one point. So when I get mad, You know what I call him? Hastings :D hehe and he HATES it. He also has the nickname John Lennon. He looks like him and he's a modern day hippie :P
  • My son is Little Buddy - hes little, n hes my buddy My daughter is Small Fry - Cuz shes a goofball?
  • my daughter 'piggy paws' dont remember what started that my dog 'biggalo jiggalo' because he runs around the neighborhood searching for girl dogs and he knows where they all live because we usually find him in one of their owners yards my other daughter 'miss boobs of America' because she is very busty
  • My father in law's name is Charles ... he never smiles ... I call him Chuckles. My son is a pretty big guy ... I call him Bubba Ray!!
  • I nicknamed my toilet, Jesus Christ. I just feel that like energy attracts.
  • sexybum - for obvious reasons :D
  • My friend Brian. We call him "Big B" because he is tall!
  • "Daddy"; that's what I call my husband. . .SOMETIMES! I've always preferred an older man as I always appreciated the protection my own father made me feel.
  • I call my husband Teddy Bear because his name is Ted and he's as big as a bear, but secretly as sweet as a Teddy Bear...when he gets mean I call him Grizzly. I call my son baby (trying to stop!) because he's always gonna be my baby. My daughter B, I guess that was short for baby, LOL; don't remember it's been so long.
  • I have a "lady friend" who is part Cherokee...i call her "Cherokee Princess".
  • MERKIN MAN ! Look it up:)
  • I call Cassandra here on answerbag CUPCAKE because she real lady like and feminine. My kinda girl.
  • I used to call my stepson "The Weasel". Weasels eat 4 times their own body weight in a day, get into anyplace, aren't necessarily the most "open" of mammals, and some actually CHANGE THE COLOR OF THEIR COATS in winter. I now call every teenager a weasel as it seems so appropos.
  • For my certain someone.. I call him my sexy dork... Sexy for perticular reasons.. Dork, because he's silly.

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