• Download Mozilla Firefox, then uninstall IE and don't reinstall it.
  • OK. I think I fixed it. . Go to Tools > Advanced and uncheck . "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts (when tabbed browsing is off)" . I think that did it.
  • Tile windows is a general function of windows, which concerns all open windows which are not minimized (and which support this function). You get this function with the context menu on the task bar. The problem with this function is that many windows applications reopen with the similar windows parameters than as the windows were closed. An IE8 window will remember your choice for the normal window size, which would be in this case the tiled window. This happens also if you close the maximized window. If you want IE8 to remember a big size for the standard window size, you will have to modify with the mouse the size of the window until you get a big sized window (but not clicking on the maximize control) and then close the window (it must also be the last IE window that you are closing). To force IE to reuse the same window to launch shortcuts as explained in your answer could also solve the problem, but maybe you could not like this setting either.

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